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Updated November 21, 2022 5:38 p.m

If you’re one of those gamers waiting with bated breath for Dragonflight to land, you probably want to know the download size for the expansion.

WoW already had well over 100GB for everyone who owned all the expansions, so there are obvious concerns about the size the game will be with Dragonflight.

Read on to find out how much you might need to upgrade to get the extension installed on your PC.

WoW Dragonflight Download Size

Dragonflight New Race launch area
You get some pretty cool character options when it comes to the new WoW Dragonflight race.

The total download size of WoW Dragonflight is 132 GB according to the game’s official system requirements page. This is the sum that includes the vanilla version of WoW plus all the free expansions available now.

That would bring the size to around 30GB for just Dragonflight, although in that fact it’s hard to be exact.

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Most expansion versions still use some of the files from the base game and the previous expansion. So it’s not really possible to tell how much of that space is new stuff and how much is reusing old assets.

Not that it should matter how big Dragonflight is on its own. You won’t be able to play it without the base game anyway.

WoW Dragonflight Gameplay Details

As you can probably guess, Dragonflight contains new areas to explore in the world of Azeroth. You’ll also be pleased to hear that there’s a new class and race coming into play as well.

A bit like Mists of Pandera, this time each race isn’t explicitly tied to Horde or Alliance. As such, you can choose to be either of the two and still be a Dractyrer (basically dracomen).

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The new class, Evoker, is also exclusive to the Dractyr race. You can’t make a non-Craftyr Evoker, and you can’t make a Dractyr that’s a different class. It’s a bit annoying to only play dracomen as ranged/healers.

One final note for now is that you are only allowed to have a single Dractyr character on each realm, even if you try to give them a different alignment. So make sure you are happy with the final results before clicking “OK”.

Frequently asked questions about WoW Dragonflight download size

How many GB is WoW Dragonflight?

We estimate that Dragonflight alone will add around 30GB to the game, bringing the total size to around 130-135GB.

How much does Dragon Flight cost?

Dragonflight costs around $50 for the basic edition and around $80 for the epic edition.

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