Why Big Third Party Games Keep Skipping Xbox?

In the last decade, the video game industry has grown tremendously. In 2012, video games generated an estimated revenue of $63.3 billion worldwide, and current projections suggest that 2022 will end with a staggering $197.0 billion. This increased sales potential is accompanied by increased investments by prominent figures in the industry. PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox want bigger slices of this hugely lucrative pie.

As these veteran platform owners and ardent fans celebrate the importance of compelling first-party exclusives, history shows that many third-party games are the most significant revenue drivers year after year. Call of Duty, Madden, FIFA, Grand Theft Auto and other juggernauts often dominate the sales charts. When it comes to the undeniable financial workhorses, Microsoft has ensured consistent content. However, there are obvious gaps in third-party support for the platform.

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