What to look for in a gaming PC

What to look for in a gaming PC

More and more people are playing video games worldwide, which increases the demand for gaming PCs. Fortunately, these days you can easily buy and build these computers.

You want to play the latest games at the highest quality, so you need to find the computer with the best specs. More importantly, it should offer the best value for money.

This article will help you choose the ideal gaming PC by explaining its components. So you can choose the best according to your needs and budget.

  1. Processors or CPU
  2. Graphics cards or GPU
  3. Internal memory
  4. memory or RAM
  5. power supply and cooling system

1. Processor or CPU

That's a CPU.

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The central processing unit or CPU is the “brain” of your computer. It determines how fast a computer can perform tasks.

Your gaming PC’s processor should be able to keep up with the demands of modern video games. You can ensure this by looking at the number of cores, threads, and frequency.

A processor with multiple cores can divide tasks among them, allowing for greater performance and efficiency. The usual standard number of cores for playing video games was six.

However, you want one with at least eight cores, as each new video game version requires higher specs. Processors also have threads that organize data from the cores.

The usual default was 12, but you might want to get a gaming PC with 24. This way, you can easily keep up with the latest titles.

You also need to consider the frequency of your CPU. The general rule of thumb is to have a 3.0GHz PC, but you may want to go higher.

2. Graphics cards or GPU

This is a graphics card.

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Modern video games can be enticing due to their hyper-realistic graphics. However, your computer needs a powerful graphics processor to generate them.

Luckily, 2022 offers quality options for your first graphics card. For example, AMD will release its RX4900XTX and XT on December 13th.

The question is, do you play games with realistic graphics? If you don’t, you may be overspending.

For example, the Nvidia RTX 4090 can run Genshin Impact at 13K resolution. However, due to the cartoonish visuals, you might not notice the graphics boost.

However, with such a powerful GPU, you can experience AAA games like Cyberpunk 2077 and others Spirit of Tsushima in exceptional detail.

3. Internal storage

This is a gaming PC part.

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You will install numerous titles from 10 GB to 100 GB or more. This is why you need to have a spacious internal storage unit in your gaming PC.

The standard is 1TB, but you should have at least 2TB these days. As mentioned earlier, new games require more storage space and additional storage space.

The extra space would allow you to use your computer for other tasks such as homework. Still, for a dedicated gaming PC, you need free space on the internal memory.

More storage allows you to install more titles in the future. In addition, games tend to develop laggy performance when you fill the internal memory by more than half.

Choose solid state drives or SSDs because they execute commands faster than hard disk drives (HDD). It also ensures that your computer boots up in seconds.

4. Memory or RAM

This is a RAM card.

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RAM stands for Random Access Memory and allows your computer to perform short-term tasks quickly. More RAM means programs launch faster and run smoother.

A gaming PC needs a lot of RAM to keep up with the demands of modern video games. I recommended 8GB for gaming in another Article about memory.

However, the standard rose to 32GB as video games made significant headway compared to last year. You should consider the other components before purchasing one.

Computers have motherboards that house their internal components. Some only work with certain types of RAM, so you should choose the one that suits your device.

5. Power supply and cooling system

This is a gaming PC part.

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First-time PC builders and buyers often need to pay more attention to the PSU and cooling system. After all, they often focus on achieving the highest quality graphics and frame rates.

The power supply allocates the right amount of power to each PC part. More importantly, it has the appropriate safeguards in place to ensure your computer doesn’t catch fire!

For example, there have been reports of RTX 4090 cable burn and melt. In the meantime, you should invest in a quality cooling system.

Gaming PCs generate significant amounts of heat because they use more power. You can choose fans, liquid cooling, and newer options.

Still, you need quality cooling to prevent PC parts from cooking inside the device. Your choice will depend on your preferences and existing PC components.

Essential accessories for gaming PCs

These are PC gaming parts.

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We have only discussed the important parts of a gaming computer. However, you still need peripherals like a monitor, headset, mouse, and keyboard.

Your monitor should have a high resolution and refresh rate. Otherwise, you will experience lag and you won’t see the visual quality you expect from your graphics card.

You will also need high-quality headphones to listen to in-game music and sound effects. Invest in a quality pair to use when not playing.

You also need it to have an excellent microphone when playing with people online. Also, wired headphones often have better sound quality than wireless ones.

Next, you need a durable keyboard for your gaming PC. In particular, you should opt for a mechanical keyboard.

The keys have individual switches, unlike normal keyboards, so they are more durable. More importantly, they register every keypress quickly, giving you the most control over your gaming experience.

Most of these keyboards are highly customizable. You can choose your favorite colors and backlight. Also, you can have silent or loud keys if you prefer the “click” with each hit.

After all, you need a quality mouse. You want one that isn’t too heavy or bulky in your hands. You also need a high DPI (dots per inch) to ensure high sensitivity and accuracy.

This is important for Call of Duty, Valorant and other games that require lightning fast reflexes. Note that a better mouse does not guarantee more wins!


You can buy these parts and build a gaming PC yourself. On the other hand, you could buy a pre-built gaming rig.

Note that building a PC is more budget-friendly and you can ensure the best specs. Alternatively you can buy one gaming laptop to take your gaming experience on the go.

You can also buy a console instead. For example, you could buy the PlayStation 5 or the Nintendo Switch. Learn more by reading their Inquirer Tech articles.

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