What to expect from Armored Core VI, the new game from Elden Ring Devs

Armored Core mechs prepare to jump out of a plane.

picture: By Software / Bandai Namco

elden ring Studio FromSoftware switches from demigods to giant mechs Armored Core VIand warns fans not to count on the cult-classic sci-fi franchise going away all “Soulsborne” on it. Instead of this, a new IGN interview With By software President Hidetaka Miyazaki and Game Director Masaru Yamamura state that the latest installment will remain authentic to what players love about the series, including a strong emphasis on mech customization.

Armored Core VI had them far and wide Best Trailer at The Game Awards 2022. While had news of FromSoftware’s latest game leaked some time agofans lost his mind to crunchy metal, apocalyptic vibes and haunting synth soundtrack as the game finally got its proper reveal. The trailer looked anime-like, and the mechs, explosions, and world all looked incredible compared to the last game in the series a decade ago.

But it wasn’t a gameplay trailer and didn’t give a clear sense of what to expect from the first newcomer Armored Core Game since the PS3 era. Will Armored Core VI go the elden ring Open world route? will it be one Dark Souls RPG progression system or bloodborne-style storytelling? Not quite. “We didn’t make a conscious effort to make it more Soulsborne-style gameplay,” Miyazaki said. “Let me get that straight first.”


Instead of this, Armored Core VI focuses on the Bread and Butter: Build Mechs series. Players can swap out everything from legs to rocket launchers, and prioritize one type of speed boost over another to construct their own personal death machine. In combat, on the other hand, players are rewarded for aggressive playstyles that try to keep enemies behind. “Heavy and intense combat is still the focus,” but customization and mech movement are still the foundation.

Here’s what else we learned Armored Core VI out IGN‘s Interview:

  • The story is divided into missions
  • You adjust your loadout between missions
  • Earn money from missions to buy better gear for your mech
  • There will be a versus mode, but multiplayer isn’t the focus
  • Brand new setting and story that doesn’t tie in with previous games
  • Boss fights with violent machines are the “highlight of the game”

The interview acknowledges that some aspects of the Soulsborne games are really just FromSoftware’s overall house style, including stories told through mystery and lore, and apocalyptic worlds filled with challenging enemies. So while Armored Core VI Highly a mech fighter, the studio is also not suggesting that his next incarnation will feel like a dramatic change in direction from his more recent hits.

One of the reasons fans of the series are so excited Armored Core To go back beyond sober mech-head tinkering, you need to see how FromSoftware, which has since expanded and matured, is seen Dark Souls practically a genre in its own right, uses its newfound resources and experience to tackle a long-dormant series.

Debuting in 1997 on the original PlayStation, releases in Armored Core Series slowed to a trickle in the PS3 era. 2006 Armored Core IV was a mixed bag held back by sterile graphics during 2012’s Armored Core V but was better still too esoteric for mainstream audiences at the time. In the years since, FromSoftware’s capabilities have grown, but so has its possibilities on gaming consoles, with the series now skipping an entire generation of consoles. Player tastes have also changed, which may have laid the groundwork for this Armored Core‘s returning in a big, big way.

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