What is Meta Quest Pro’s field of view?

What is Meta Quest Pro’s field of view? Let’s take a look

Updated: November 15, 2022 10:30 am

Since the release of Meta Quest Pro on October 25th, many people have hesitated to buy it, wondering if it’s worth it and being put off by the price. Also, many have asked: “What is Meta Quest Pro’s field of view?‘.

This is not surprising as the official store page is a bit vague when it comes to the nitty-gritty technical stuff. This has largely resulted in us having to scrape the actual Meta Quest Pro specs from various sources with no real assurance as to their accuracy.

So what is the Meta Quest Pro FOV? Why does it matter? Let’s take a closer look and see what the Meta Quest Pro FOV is and if it suffices.

Annoyingly, the official Meta website doesn’t list the FOV, but several publications have agreed that the Meta Quest FOV is 100-110°, measured horizontally. This is an increase from Meta Quest 2’s ~95°, which is a much-needed improvement.

What does FOV stand for?

FOV stands for “field of view”. This is the “extent of the observable world being seen at any given point in time”. In layman’s terms, this simply refers to how much you can see.

This is usually measured horizontally due to the binocular vision people have from having two eyes side by side. vertical FOV is also a thing, but it’s much, much less important than horizontal. If our eyes were stacked on top of each other, we’d be concerned about vertical field of view.

Anyway, now we know what FOV means. Let’s look at why it matters, especially when it comes to VR.

Why is FOV important for VR?

Well, the closer the FOV can get to the actual FOV of your eyes, the more realistic the view of the virtual world becomes, with details towards the ends of your vision becoming less clear, much like in real life.

In addition, there is an allowance for motion sickness. According to Thomas Stoffregen, a kinesiologist at the University of Minnesota 40-70% of people suffer motion sickness after 15 minutes of use.

This is due to the brain seeing something different than what the body is feeling and yes, FOV affects this. Because when your brain is used to seeing more than when using a VR headset, it’s not surprising that motion sickness can occur.

So the field of view of the Meta Quest Pro is there 100-110 degreesthat’s still less than that 135 degree field of view of the naked eye. That means there’s still a chance of motion sickness, but less given the increase over Meta Quest 2.

What is the Meta Quest per FOV?

The FOV of the Meta Quest Pro is 100-110° measured horizontally.

What is the best FOV for VR headsets?

The best FOV is as close as possible to the naked eye FOV. The naked eye has a FOV of about 135 degrees. So get as close to that number as possible.

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