Trump is releasing a “Book of Letters” next year amid the 2024 campaign.


Former President Donald Trump plans to release a book next year that will showcase his private correspondence with past and present celebrities and international icons, CNN has learned.

Sources familiar with the matter said the project will mirror Trump’s first post-White House book, a collection of over 300 photographs from Trump’s tenure, accompanied by self-penned captions. His latest book will feature reproductions of letters written to or by Trump over the past few decades, giving readers a more intimate glimpse into his private life and earlier social circles.

Trump’s correspondence with singer-songwriter Elton John, the late entertainer Michael Jackson and the late Diana, Princess of Wales is expected to be picked up, sources said. In a salacious 1997 interview with shock jock Howard Stern, unearthed during Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, Trump claimed he received a “really nice” letter from the late Princess of Wales, asking him for an undisclosed favor was thanked.

“She wrote me a letter about a few months before she died, thanking me for doing her a favor,” Trump told Stern. “She wrote me a really nice letter.”

It’s unclear if the “Book of Letters,” as multiple sources have described it, will include any of the letters Trump exchanged with Kim Jong Un during his quest to denuclearize North Korea. Trump has previously boasted about his “love letters” to the foreign dictator, once declaring at a campaign rally that he and Kim Jong Un “fell in love” through their written correspondence.

The letters were among a plethora of government documents, including those with secret markings, kept in Mar-a-Lago after Trump left office, prompting the National Archives and Records Administration to seek their return. A special counsel appointed by the Justice Department is investigating Trump over his possible misuse of classified documents and records belonging to the President.

Trump’s second book since leaving office is set to be published by Winning Team Publishing, a company started by his eldest son Don Jr. and former campaign adviser Sergio Gor, who declined to comment on the project.

“We have nothing to announce yet,” Gor said.

The same publisher was behind Our Journey Together, the $75 hardcover collection of photographs Trump released last December. CNN previously reported that the book grossed $20 million in less than two months after it went on sale.

Trump advisers said they expect his next book to be just as lucrative, particularly given its overlap with his third presidential campaign.

“Sure sounds like a moneymaker,” said a person close to Trump.

A second person close to the former president said it’s unlikely he’ll be releasing memoirs about his presidency in the near future, particularly as he wants to wait for the 2024 cycle. In May, however, Winning Team Publishing appeared to hint that Trump was working on a book about the 2020 election that the former president had falsely claimed was stolen.

“NEW BOOK ALERT: CRIMES OF THE CENTURY by President Donald J. Trump! Further details will follow shortly,” wrote the publisher in a tweet.

Numerous other purported Republican hopefuls for 2024 have recently published books or plan to publish them in the coming months. Among them are Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, whose autobiography will be published in late February; Florida Senator Marco Rubio, whose third book, Decades of Decadence, is due out in June 2023; and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who will publish a book in January and has publicly admitted he is considering a key challenge to Trump.

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