This master builder smuggled a full-fledged gaming PC into an Xbox 360

These days, PC cases are all about showing off: tempered glass panels, RGB lighting, sleek metal designs like alien spaceships, the works. However, many manufacturers are bucking trends to create the most ridiculous “sleeping PCs” with high-end hardware cloaked in outdated or nondescript cases, like some sort of warrior monk incognito.

Enter YouTuber Tech By Matt (opens in new tab)‘s Ryzen, RTX gaming PC in, uh, hottest Small form factor cases around: the OG Xbox 360 case. These original 360 models were decimated by the Red Ring of Death, a hardware failure caused by the console’s poor ventilation and frying the components to excessive temperatures. In an act of hubris straight out of Greek tragedy, Matt gutted his 2009 childhood console and replaced the innards with bigger, stronger, hotter components that were never meant to be squeezed in there.

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