The water consumption is a value of money


Durzame large is in the long term due to expert avenues possible with large amounts of water. Capital Group vindt daarom dat beleggers de waterstofeconomie not can negroes.

He is the last jaren veel te doen om the rol van waterstof in the energietransitie. Sommigen there is a hype. If water is present, it is near water electricity. Het vervelende is all that he bij de omzetting van groene flow in groene waterstof (via electrolysis) a lot of energy is lost. Hetzelfde money for het omzetten van waterstof in electricity. Het is daarom dus beter om zoveel mogelijk groene strom direct te Gebruiken.

Because of this, many energy experts think that the transition to a CO2-neutral solution might be possible with water. Water has been named after the fact that it can have been produced because not so much electricity is needed, bijvoorbeeld in the Sahara, it was transported to the place where the industry was quoted. With electricity, it’s much heavier.

Ten two zijn he processes the rivet, of heel moeilijk, can be used with electricity maar wel met water. Think about the steel industry and the air traffic. Tenslotte kan waterstof was included as a raw material for the chemical industry.


Seema Suchak and Cheryl Wilson from Capital Group think that it is because of the long term that a large amount of water is lost. This is based on the international energy agency IEA.

This organization monitors that as the energy transit series has been taken since then when water is doubled until 2030 and at a high speed until doorstijgen until 2050.

shell cave

Before the industry is made, in principle it is not used with water that is large or grijs (made with not-large flow). Most of the water that is now used in the chemical industry and in refineries is gray.

Capital Group is aware of the fact that the coming years will change as small project projects have been carried out through large installations (Schalalgrootte) and he has an infrastructuur wordt opgebouwd.

“The most water that is now used in the chemical industry and in refineries is still gray”

Anti-Inflation Act

Capital Group guards daarnaast Veel van de VS war waterstof tot nu toe nauwelijks een rol speelt. This can be changed by the manufacturer Anti-Inflation Acta wet die voorziet in separate control of the duurzame energiesector with a capital injection of 369 million dollars.

Any industry that changes drastically is the main sector. Maar beleggers want volgens Capital Group wel patience. Want to make a large aluminum steel, it is not a large R&D node. De Verwachting is dat pas vanaf 2035 wordt a series topic.

power sector

This is different from the electricity requirements. Here it may have been observed that the roll of water was sooner toeneemt. Hoe snel depends on the value of the price that it is attached to CO2 emissions. How high the price is, how favorable the word is in the bijvoorbeeld kolencentrales open te houden.

De Kans is small dat auto’s op waterstof gaan rijden. He should have been thinking more about vehicles, traffic and scissors.

“De kans is small dat auto’s op waterstof gaan rijden”

water management

Capital Group is hesitant about in the shade withered sectors as the first waterstof gaan Gebruiken op grote Schaal. What steeds duidelijker wordt, is dat de energietransitie zonder waterstof tot mislukken gedoemd.

Suchak and Wilson are aware of the fact that the te maken raises with dewaterconomie een plaats merit in de portfolio, zeker voor beleggers met a longtermijnvisie.

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