The new Final Fantasy Remake has a Getty watermark in a painting

A screenshot shows the Getty watermark as it appears on an in-game painting.

screenshot: Square Enix / Kotaku

Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII – Reunion was released today and is a solid remaster/remake of a popular PSP title. But at least one painting in the new game comes with a little extra: a Getty Images watermark, This means that the painting was created in-game using a captured preview image directly from the website of this service.

In our review published earlier today, we found that the new remake is a faithful adaptation of the original PSP game, complete with flaws resulting from over-focusing on being a perfect prequel. And like the original, while the first half of the game is solid, the ending makes for a “disappointing conclusion.” Still, it’s a damn good-looking remake. However, we noticed that the new graphics contain a new bug in the form of a watermark left on at least three instances of an in-game painting.

In the eighth chapter of the game you enter a Shinra mansion. In this very nice looking and opulent house you will find many fancy paintings on the walls. Look closely and you will see that these are real paintings. Look a little closer and you’ll clearly see where Square Enix got the art from.

A screenshot shows the Getty watermark as it appears on an in-game painting.

Hello Getty.
screenshot: Square Enix / Kotaku

Yes, that’s a big old Getty Images watermark right in the middle. I was able to track down the exact painting Square Enix captured using our own Getty account. It is a work by the artist John Crowther Depiction of Ludgate Circus in London in 1881.

kotaku reached out to Square Enix but didn’t hear back before release.

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It appears that whoever took this image from Getty — and may not have paid for the licensing since the watermark is still there — stretched it and cropped most of its top portion to fit the frame. And this is not a one-time mistake. The resulting painting will appear at least three times in that area of ​​the game, complete with the Getty watermark. Oops!

A screenshot shows where the Getty-watermarked painting appears.

The watermarked painting appears in at least three different places.
screenshot: Square Enix / Kotaku

This isn’t the first time a major Square Enix RPG has shipped with an incorrect watermark. Kingdom Hearts III A watermark was also included in a cutscene. However, that was a “blink and you’ll miss it” moment and not an easy-to-find painting that appears multiple times and can be clearly seen by anyone paying attention. If you want to see this bug for yourself, I’d head into the villa sooner or later as I imagine Square Enix will be patching it up shortly.

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