The best Pokemon Glow Ups in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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Each new generation of Pokémon offers new stories, revamps, and evolutions of some of the most overlooked mons in the Dex, and Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is no different. While we only have a handful of regional variations in Paldea, that doesn’t mean ScarVi hasn’t revived and reinvented some of the returning Pokemon that frolic in its open world.

We’ve rounded up our favorite Pokémon Glow-Ups from Gen 9, from the cool redesigns to rehabilitating some Pokémon we previously thought were a bit uncool.

Here is our shortlist!

The best Pokemon Glow Ups in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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Plain and simple, Camerupt’s subtle redesign makes it look like a BOSS. We’ve never cared that much about the Numel line – they’re just hot camels, who cares – but Camerupt’s subtle re-texturing finally makes it look as cool as it deserves.

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Hoppip and Skiploom

Hoppip is one of the first mons you see in the game and you can’t help but fall in love with his new rotating blades that allow him to fly. Likewise, Skiploom made some subtle changes to make it look a bit more like a weird but cute grass pup. Awww.

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A Pokémon that’s always been a bit spooky has now been made cute again with its new height and weight. In strong winds, it will actually be blown away! If you still find it creepy, then instead consider it a blessing that it blows away.

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Drowzee and Hypno

These wacky Gen 1 designs needed a bit of a polish, and while they’re still really unnerving to look at or be around, they’re more engaging. Drowzee has been pumped up and down, and Hypno is still humanoid but without being to Person. We don’t mind seeing them around quite so much now.

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Gastly and Haunter

These two creepy guys now tend to fade in and out, making them pretty hard to find, but they also manage to make them look like actual ghosts.

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Magikarp is known for being, well… not that the brightest Fish in schools, and the animators made that clear with his ScarVi behavior. Magikarp will now leap out of the water and jump around, just like in Pokémon Stadium!

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How could we not add this yellow jerk to the list? Not only does Ol’ Sparcey get a brand new (and very silly) evolution, he can slide around in the grass like the weird snail/worm/bug/snake that he is. We used to groan in anger when we bumped into a Dunsparce, but now that he’s out in the world we like to see his stupid face.

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Image: Nintendo Life

Deer and Sawbuck

Deer are cute but mostly forgetful, let’s face it. In Pokémon ScarVi, however, they have been reinvented as adorable meadow walkers who are occasionally accompanied by a papa sawbuck and frolic behind him like little ducklings. Or, well, deer.

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Girafarig has been around almost as long as Pikachu, but is often forgotten in favor of more well-known 2nd generation mons like Togepi, Marill, and Wobbuffet. Thanks to its cute new evolution, Girafarig is once again one of this generation’s most coveted Pokédex entries, and Farigiraf finally delivers a punchline to Girafarig’s decade-long joke.

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Oh what a joy to see Voltorb roll around. These Pokéball-like Pokémon weren’t in Sword & Shield, nor were they Yes, really in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, so this is the first time we see these guys stumbling through deserts and exploding every time we dare to get close to them. It really gives them personality!

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In previous games, Ditto was always found in its raw, slimy form before instantly taking on your Pokémon’s form. Finally, in ScarVi, Ditto got a chance to be what it always was: an impostor. You won’t find Ditto-shaped Dittos in Paldea, but you will could discover that a Pineco or Shroomish was actually a Ditto in disguise. This makes the search for the cheeky slimes much more fun!

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Speaking of Pokemon that like to pretend to be other Pokemon, we also love Zorua’s redesign. Like Ditto, Zorua disguises itself as other Pokemon that appear in the same area, but unlike Ditto, the Zorua Pokemon do this so you leave them alone. That means they’ll run away as soon as they see you, which is one of the giveaways of it actually being a Zorua!

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Swablu and Altaria

Does anything please us more than seeing a crush of Swablu snuggled up to their mama Altaria? Maybe one thing – to see a bunch of Swablu sleeping on a roof in one of Paldea’s towns. Reinventing Swablu as a common bird is one of the main reasons we wish we could live in the world of Pokémon. You are so fluffy!

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Oh yes, Tauros is cool now. This reimagining of the black bull references Spain’s history with bulls, particularly icons such as the Spanish fighting bull and the Osborne bull.

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Venonate and Venomoth

Is it just us, or did you also think Venonat was tiny? It turns out that Venonat is actually pretty big, but we don’t mind – the Veno line of Pokémon is actually pretty adorable, especially at night.

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Image: Nintendo Life

Pineco and Fortress

Forretress might be one of this generation’s biggest glow-ups because you have seen She? They shine, float around oddly, and cling to trees like giant burrs.

Pokemon Glow Ups 2
Image: Nintendo Life

Snom and Frosmoth

Frosmoth is very cute – all round and fluffy like a toddler in a winter coat – but Snom is where the magic happens. Snom’s little ice bowl has been changed from a translucent white to a dark, sparkling blue that looks a lot more like ice than before.

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Like Camerupt, Torkoal is fair path more hard-hitting scarlet and purple, with a true plume of smoke/steam rising from its lava shell. It’s just a small retexture, but it makes a big difference

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Yes! Spoink deserves to spoink around like a pig on a feather. That’s Spoink’s whole destiny, and now Spoink is finally going to be the cutest little piggy pogo ever.

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