The best perk packs for Warzone 2.0

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Warzone 2.0 reworks several key mechanics in Call of Duty’s hit battle royale. It introduces a new circle mechanic, a 2v2 gulag that lets you cooperate with your opponents, and even a new armor system.

Perks also see some big changes. You can no longer customize and individually select your own value pack.

Instead, the 17 in-game perks have been sorted into various combinations of eight perk packs. You need to pick one that best suits your playstyle, even if it’s not necessarily the exact choice you want.

Here’s a look at the best perk packs for Warzone 2.0.

All the benefits of Warzone 2.0

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As in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, the perks have been sorted into basic, bonus and ultimate perks. Base perks are active when the game starts, bonus perks activate after four minutes, and ultimate perks take effect after eight minutes.

Each perk package includes two base perks, one bonus perk, and one ultimate perk.

basic perks

overkill Carry two primary weapons
double time Doubles the duration of the Tactical Sprint. Increases movement speed while crouching by 30%.
battle hardened Reduce the effects of enemy lightning, stuns, EMP, gas grenades, and shock staves. Immune to snap grenades.
ass vulture Resupply ammo and an extra slab of dead players.
bomb squad Takes less damage from non-killstreak explosives. Reset the fuse timers when picking up live grenades.
tracker Enemies leave a footprint and enemy death markers are visible. Kill tokens are hidden from the enemy team.
strong arm Throw the gear further and preview the trajectory

bonus benefits

replenishment Spawn with additional Lethal. Charge equipment over 30 seconds.
scouts Discover enemy gear, field upgrades, and killstreaks through walls. Aiming for the sight makes them stand out for the team. Hack enemy claymores, proximity mines, C4, and trophy systems.
cold blooded Undetectable by AI targeting systems and thermal optics. Does not trigger high alarm warning. Will not be highlighted in enemy tactical cameras, recon drones, and scopes.
fast hands Reload faster, use equipment and switch weapons.
focus Reduces twitch when aiming down sights and increases the duration of Hold Breath.

Ultimate Benefits

High alert Vision pulses when spotted out of sight by an enemy player
Spirit Undetectable by UAVs, handheld radars, and heartbeat sensors
overclocking Field upgrades are rechargeable and you can save an additional fee. Charge rate reduced by 20%.
survivor Enemies that trip you will be automatically pinged. Let allies revive you faster.
bird eyes UAV and radar pings indicate enemy direction.

The 3 best perk packs in Warzone 2.0

Here are the eight perk packs for Warzone 2.0:

  • Vanguard: Double time, bomb squad, supplies, high alert
  • Command: Scavengers, strong arm, quick hands, high alert
  • Spook: Duplicate Time, Tracker, Spotter, Ghost
  • Explore: Scavenger, strong arm, focus, mind
  • Guardian: Battle-hardened, Bomb Squad, cold-blooded, overclocked
  • overseer: Double the time, strong arm, fast hands, overclock
  • Weapon Specialist: Overkill, strong arm, scout, survivor
  • Enlightenment: Double time, tracker, focus, bird’s eye view


Warzone 2.0 Specter best perk packs
Screenshot by Koh Wanzi/ONE Esports

Ghost remains one of the best perks in the game, especially in Al Mazrah. It hides you from UAVs, handheld radars, and heartbeat sensors, making it easier to avoid detection and hit opponents.

Hiding your location is everything in a battle royale game, especially if you prefer a slower-paced approach to the game.

Spotters and trackers are also useful perks, allowing you to scout buildings before entering them and spy on retreating enemies.

Finally, Double Time could help you escape quickly or engage faster. It could also prove crucial when flanking opponents to help you get into position faster.

weapons specialist

Warzone 2.0 Weapons Specialist Perk Pack
Screenshot by Koh Wanzi/ONE Esports

Weapon Specialist is another strong choice. It’s the only value pack with overkill that increases the firepower you bring to the battlefield.

That means you can wield both a sniper rifle and an SMG at close range, allowing you to handle a variety of engagements.

While Strong Arm isn’t the most useful perk, the pack makes up for it with Spotter and Survivor. Survivor in particular can prove valuable in helping you out of a tight spot and making it easier for your squad to save you after you’re down.


Warzone 2.0 Vanguard Perk Pack
Screenshot by Koh Wanzi/ONE Esports

Vanguard has several useful perks for maneuvering out of a tight situation. In addition to the extra agility you get from Double Time, it also comes equipped with Bomb Squad, which can save you from a pesky Claymore or other explosives.

Resupply lets you secure buildings with additional deadly equipment that charges over time, while High Alert alerts you if anyone is watching.

However, you still need to be on guard. If enemies are equipped with the Cold Blood perk, they will not trigger a High Alert alert.

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