‘Thank you, Congress’: BJP after Rahul Gandhi’s ‘hate not seen’ statement | Latest News India

When Rahul Gandhi said on Saturday he had never seen violence or hatred anywhere in the country, the BJP thanked him and launched an attack on his statement on China. “After walking 2800 km, Rahul Baba could not find Nafrat and Hinsa in India! I applaud this great disclosure from Baba! Thank you Congress!” BJP’s Shehzad Poonawalla tweeted.

As the Bharat Jodo Yatra reached New Delhi on the final day of its first leg amid a Covid debate, Rahul Gandhi addressed a rally in front of the Red Fort and said he had never seen violence or hatred anywhere in the country on his long journey from Kanyakumari to Delhi . but he sees hate being spat on TV.

“The media never talks about love. There is a reason for this as this is done to divert your attention. They do this hindu muslim 24 hours on tv to take your money and hand it over and sell all your ports. airports, roads and other assets to their cronies,” said Rahul Gandhi.

“These people are spreading fear among farmers, youth, small shopkeepers, women and small and medium-sized business people. But Shiv ji said ‘Daro mat’. The Hindu religion says ‘Daro mat’ but these people are trying to spread fear in the country for 24 hours,” said Rahul Gandhi.

Immediately after the end of his speech, speaking at a press conference in Patna, BJP’s Ravi Shankar Prasad said that Rahul Gandhi claims to have brought “Mohabbat ka paigam” but the people who accompanied him on the yatra belonged to the tukde-tukde Corridor.

Regarding India-China, Rahul Gandhi said the conflict between India and China is financial. “PM says there has been no burglary. Then what are the two sides talking about? The competition is financial. You will find so many cell phones, shoes and cameras with the Made in China label. We have to make it Made-in-India. The day should come when someone who buys a shoe in Shanghai will see Made-in-New-Delhi, India written in it,” said Rahul Gandhi.

“Rahul Gandhi’s made-in-India statement was ridiculous now that Apple and Samsung phones are also being made in India,” RS Prasad said when asked if state congressional governments are supporting the projects of the industrialists whose names he takes , have cancelled.

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