Texas coach Chris Beard’s fiancee claims Beard acted in self-defense and ‘didn’t strangle me’

Randi Trew, the fiancée of Texas men’s basketball coach Chris Beard, released a statement through her attorney Friday night, retracting some previous allegations detailed in an official arrest report against Beard.

In her Friday statement, Trew wrote that she was the initiator of a “fight” between her and Beard, saying that Beard called her the night she called 9-1-1, in the early hours of December 12 , had not strangled. Trew also wrote “I don’t refute”.

In her Friday statement, Trew claims she never told police that Beard strangled her.

“Chris and I are deeply saddened that we have drawn negative attention to, among other things, our family, friends and the University of Texas,” Trew said in a statement. “As the fiancee and biggest supporter of Chris, I apologize for the role I played in this unfortunate event. I realize that my frustration at breaking his glasses sparked a physical fight between Chris and me. Chris didn’t strangle me, and I told law enforcement that night. Chris has stated that he acted in self-defense and I don’t dispute that. I don’t think Chris intentionally tried to harm me in any way. It was never my intention to have him arrested or prosecuted. We appreciate everyone’s support and prayers at this difficult time.”

According to the Austin Police Department affidavit dated Dec. 12, after the 9-1-1 call that dispatched officers to Beard’s residence, Trew told law enforcement that Beard “choked me, threw me out of bed, bitten me, bruised me.” had spots all over my leg, throwing me around and going insane.”

She told Austin police on Dec. 12 that she called for help because she “just didn’t feel safe.” after they were involved in a physical altercation with Beard at their home. Beard was arrested for a third-degree felony. Police classified the incident as a “disturbance/choking attack – domestic violence.”

Authorities noted multiple wounds and scratches on Trew’s body that morning. Beard is currently suspended indefinitely without pay. The University of Texas told the AP in a statement, “We are reviewing Randi Trew’s testimony. This matter is the subject of an internal investigation and the university is not commenting on pending investigations.”

An emergency protection order is in effect against Beard until at least February 10, 2023. Among other things, the order prevents him from being within 200 meters of his house and his fiancée. Given that this is a domestic violence case, Texas prosecutors still have the right to pursue third-degree felony charges against Beard, even though Trew has moved to have those charges dropped. Due to the timing of the statement’s release (Friday evening, Christmas weekend), the Austin Police Department’s public information offices were closed and no authorities were available to officially comment on the case.

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