Tesla does not tolerate dissent against Elon Musk, fired two employees

Tesla won’t tolerate a dissent against Elon Musk after it fired two employees over an “assault,” NLRB complaints say.

Earlier this year, SpaceX fired several employees who wrote an internal letter to let management know that Musk’s behavior is “a frequent source of distraction and embarrassment.”

The dismissed employees defend themselves with a work complaint.

Now Tesla is in a similar situation, according to new complaints filed with the National Labor Relations Board.

Bloomberg Reports of the complaints:

Tesla Inc. allegedly fired two California-based employees in violation of labor laws because they were part of a larger group that discussed and authored letters critical of Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk, according to their attorneys and complaints they filed with federal authorities had.

One of the letters criticized Tesla’s return-to-work policy.

In June, Musk announced that all Tesla employees must stop remote work and return to the office for more than 40 hours a week or they would be fired.

Tesla wasn’t even prepared for all employees to return to the office, and many didn’t even live near offices at the time. Tesla eventually softened Musk’s request, leaving room for exceptions.

The other letter was closer to what SpaceX employees were working on this summer before they were fired.

It protested Musk’s tweets, claiming they violate Tesla’s anti-harassment policy. Tesla said it was an “attack” on the company.

One of the employees fired for the “assault” had just received a pay raise a month before his sacking.

Electrek’s take

It looks like Tesla will not tolerate dissent against the great leader.

You see, when you’re writing a letter complaining about your boss, you have to consider the risk. That comes with it. However, in this case I understand the frustration and the feeling that you have to say something.

Also, they have a point when it comes to following Tesla’s own policies. If any other Tesla employee tweets some of the things Musk tweets, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were reprimanded.

Musk’s recent behavior has undoubtedly had a negative impact on Tesla’s reputation, which is a concern. But it’s also impacting Tesla’s workforce and ability to attract top talent, which is its biggest asset.

For now, it’s still high on the list of places engineers want to work, but I imagine that will change if things continue as they are.

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