Take a sneak peek at the Samsung Galaxy S23 series with these leaked dummy units

The upcoming Galaxy S23, S23+ and S23 Ultra models pose for the camera

Samsung’s big Galaxy launch season earlier in the year is upon us, and a good way to tell is with the spate of Galaxy S23 leaks coming our way these days. It’s not even a week since we received solid information about the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s internal hardware, which rivals the best phones Android has to offer. Now we’re already looking at what’s next as we get a nice clear look at the Galaxy S23, S23+ and S23 Ultra after photos of their dummy units have been distributed.


This is certainly not the first time we’ve seen what the Galaxy S23 phones will look like. We’ve already come across some CAD-based renders showing the subtle design changes the Galaxy S23 series is expected to see. While they’re not functional, retail-ready phones, these Galaxy S23 mockups shared on SlashLeaks should hopefully give you a better sense of the hardware’s aesthetic and show off all those curves and camera bumps we’ve been talking about about months.

It can be really difficult to tell the Galaxy S23 and S23+ apart unless we’re directly comparing them back-to-back. They look identical in almost every way, and the only external distinguishing factor is their size. In the photos above, the two phones look very similar to what we’ve heard about them so far, with the flattened sides and front screen and those individual cutouts for each camera lens on the back.

Speaking of telling phones apart, you won’t find much about whether you’re looking at the Galaxy S22 Ultra or its successor, the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Next year’s Ultra model will retain this camera layout, and the only cosmetic change is some slightly flatter sides that still blend into the curved front and back lenses – this redesign is clearly visible on these dummy units.

It’s only in the images, with all three Galaxy S23 phones stacked on top of each other, that you really begin to appreciate the sizes at stake here. It seems Samsung will move the SIM card tray from the bottom edge to the longer side this time around – and more importantly, it doesn’t get rid of the physical slot for nowunlike this year’s iPhones.

Note that while these dummy units closely resemble the actual phones, minor details like the metal frame polish or the height of the camera bump aren’t set in stone. There’s a good chance the Galaxy S23 phones will end up looking similar, but they aren’t Exactly like what you see in these photos.

You won’t have to wait long to see the Galaxy S23 in the flesh as the official launch will likely happen sometime in early February. In the meantime, expect plenty more leaks that give us some bonus previews of these upcoming Samsung flagships before they’re officially unveiled.

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