Sunwing travelers stranded in Mexico demand answers, compensation

Sunwing travelers stranded in Mexico demand answers, compensation

Some travelers on Sunwing are demanding answers and some money back after what they call a nightmare trip fraught with delays and cancellations.

Megan Hunter contacted Global News on Sunday after her flight from Puerto Vallarta to Calgary was cancelled. But the resident of Okotoks, Alta., said the problems actually started on the outward journey.

Hunter said they were originally scheduled to leave for Mexico on November 6th. However, this flight was delayed and then cancelled. Passengers were then apparently told they would need to check in again to board the next flight on November 7th.

“We sat in line for about four hours,” Hunter told Global News. “We were probably about 200.”

She said some passengers were told to return home, while others were put up in hotels.

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Colleague Janice Paton from BC, who was traveling with a large wedding party, said they were not offered anything even though they almost didn’t make it to the wedding.

“We ended up going to a hotel, most of our group,” she told Global News. “But we ended up paying out of our own pockets.”


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The women told Global News they faced flight delays again the next day. And they added that the problems didn’t end once they got on board.

“So we get on the plane on Monday the 7th but there was no pilot – there was no pilot for us. Then we sit on the tarmac – again for a couple of hours – and they tell us to get off because they don’t have enough gas.”

The flight finally took off and both Hunter and Paton said it was a wonderful holiday. But when we got back, the troubled journey met more turbulence. Your flight of November 13th was again canceled and rebooked for November 14th.

“We had to tell the Sunwing guy it was cancelled,” Paton said. “He didn’t even know.”

Accommodations were provided for passengers, but both women said the hotel they were taken to was “patchy”.

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“There is mold in the showers, the toilet doesn’t flush properly and there were no towels,” they said. “Oh, some rooms have cockroaches too.”

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Global News reached out to Sunwing with the concerns expressed by several passengers.

Sunwing issued a statement to Global News.

“We can confirm that just prior to the scheduled departure time for flight WG523 from Calgary to Puerto Vallarta, a mechanical problem was discovered that delayed the southbound flight while maintenance crews investigated and resolved the problem, which in turn impacted the return flight in question in Impacted towards the north,” the explanation reads in part.

“This has resulted in an overnight delay through tonight, November 14, for flight WG524 from Puerto Vallarta to Calgary.”

Sunwing added that its “best efforts” have been made to notify passengers of any delays. It also said its teams were working to find alternative hotel accommodation for passengers and to coordinate new airport transfers for the resulting return flight.

Unfortunately, Hunter and Paton said the airline’s best efforts weren’t good enough.

“We’ve got quite a bit of money out of pocket and we’ve lost days,” Paton said.

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“We want compensation”

The flight arrived in Calgary on Monday evening as scheduled.

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