Southwest is testing a major boarding process change

With the holiday season approaching, parents are already dreading the headaches that can come from flying with a large family.

Some airlines, like Spirit (SAVE UP) – Get a free report, will charge more if you want to make sure the whole family is seated together on their flight. Hawaiian, Alaska, American Airlines, and many others let you pre-assign a seat when you purchase a ticket, so you can make sure everyone is seated together.

Then there’s the matter of Southwest Airlines (LUV) – Get a free report, which takes a different approach than the rest of the industry. The Texas-based company uses a system where, as soon as passengers check in, they are assigned to one of three boarding groups: either A, B, or C, and a position from 1 to 60. Here’s how you’ll do it. It ends up being like this something like B47 or C2 on your boarding pass representing your reserved seat.

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