Skull Session: The North team is now in control of the rivalry as Michigan dominates Ohio State and has last laughs in Columbus

The past weekend can be summed up in two tweets.

Let’s (do our best) have a good Monday, shall we? … Ehhhhhh, who am I kidding? This Monday is going to explode and we know it. Get through as best you can.

IN BLOOD. The Ohio State-Michigan rivalry is literally in my blood. As the son of an Ohio national team coach, I hated That Team Up North from the moment I took a step. Whether it’s soccer, synchronized swimming, or any other sport, the Wolverines were bad and the Buckeyes were good. I was taught that. It was what I knew. I never questioned it.

From a young age, my investment in The Game was deeply rooted in this hatred. My parents told me not to hate anything. Hate is a strong word, they would say. But they allowed me to hate the wolverines, so I did.

Anyone wearing a corn blue uniform was an enemy. I hated Chad Henne, Mike Hart and Mario Manningham. Denard Robinson, Jabrill Peppers and Chase Winovich. I really had no reason to hate her. The only explanation was that they were playing for Michigan, but that was enough for me.

Meanwhile, I’ve loved the Buckeyes. Troy Smith, Ted Ginn Jr and Beanie Wells. Terrelle Pryor, Brandon Saine and DeVier Posey. Braxton Miller, JT Barrett, and Ezekiel Elliott.

I could go on forever with my very long list of favorite Ohio State players, but before I do, I will continue with the point:

In the last two decades, I’ve never – never – woken up on game day and thought Ohio State was going to lose.

Prior to 2021, the Wolverines had only defeated the Buckeyes four times in my life, in 1999, 2000, 2003, and 2011. I was only weeks old when I lost the first one, was a 1-year-old the second, and 3-year-old the second. old for the third, and the fourth loss remains the only one I can remember. Even then, Luke Fickell trained all season with one hand on his back, and he still nearly beat a 17th-ranked team from Michigan with a 9-2 record in a shootout, falling 30-24 at Ann Arbor came.

Case in point: Prior to last year’s 42-27 Big House embarrassment, I had only seen Ohio State lose to Michigan once in my lifetime. I know that sounds crazy to those who lived through the Cooper years, but it’s true. Other than that, I had no reason to believe Michigan would ever beat Ohio State. I had no reference point because it just never happened.

But then it was like this.

And then it did again.

Because of this, I have shifted paradigms. I was once certain that Ohio State would win its last competition of the regular season. Now I’m unsure.

Should the Buckeyes and Wolverines enter The Game in 2023 with the same circumstances as the duel have been for the past two years — two undefeated teams with a Big Ten East title, a trip to the Conference Championship and a college football playoff provide the line — I’ve been watching up thinking Michigan would win.

My body is shaking as I type these words, but this is the new reality of being an Ohio State fan. Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines took the rivalry by force for the last two seasons when a school bully stole lunch from a weaker classmate. It is now the responsibility of Ryan Day and the Buckeyes to take back control.

If Day and his team can’t on November 25, 2023, we’ll witness what would be — in some ways — the latest version of the darkest day in Ohio State football history, and Buckeye Nation have 365 days until Tue sun could rise again.

DOMINATED. How badly was Ohio State beaten on Saturday? Considering Michigan’s offense had one of the best performances against a top-five team in 17 years, I’d say the Wolverines beat them pretty badly.

Oh, and Michigan did that in Columbus in front of over 100,000 fans in the shoe. In other words, the Buckeyes were being taken out of the building and into their own building en route to the program’s first loss to the Wolverines at Ohio Stadium since the 2000 season.

Poorly. Very very bad.

THE LAST LAUGH. Michigan let Ohio State’s players, coaches and fans know just how dominant its win over the Buckeyes was on Saturday by celebrating the win in a variety of ways, from a royal wave to a flag flying on the Ohio Stadium lawn was planted.

It started with Michigan quarterback JJ McCarthy, who totaled 290 yards, three passing touchdowns and one rushing touchdown against Ohio State, joining the Buckeye fans who opted to leave Ohio Stadium early sent home in a wave.

The celebration continued when defensive end Mike Morris hopped onto a bench on the Michigan touchline and started yelling, “You all go soft!” to the fans seated on the east side of the Horseshoe.

After the game, some of the Wolverines’ players paraded across the field with a blue team flag, Michigan’s Cornblock M waving in the wind. They planted the flag on Block O in the center field of Ohio Stadium’s lawn.

After this event, many of these players picked up Harbaugh and carried him to the dressing room. The head coach said in his post-game press conference that he had a “locker room full of heroes” at Michigan and that they – along with his staff – were the reason the Wolverines emerged victorious on Saturday.

Seeing all of these things is enough to get the blood pumping, but honestly they can’t be blamed for taking the celebrations to the extreme. They slowed down the state of Ohio. The Buckeyes didn’t do anything to stop them in the game, so they have no right to stop them celebrating afterwards.

It’s sad but it’s true.

SAY IT LOUD. Another thing the Wolverines did on Saturday was chant “It’s great to be a Michigan Wolverine!” in the Ohio Stadium visitors’ locker room after their 22-point win over the Buckeyes.

  1. Being a Michigan Wolverine will never be great.

  2. I heard this chant several times while walking through the Big House covering Ohio State’s 42-27 loss in Ann Arbor last year and never thought I would hear it again so soon.

  3. It is my hope that this video and song will be played at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center as often as possible over the next year through November 25, 2023. Maybe another 362 days to see what Michigan does at Ohio Stadium – in the shoe’s 100th anniversary year, no less! – will finally get the message across that something like this mustn’t happen again.

SONG OF THE DAY. Hurt by Johnny Cash.

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