Shraddha’s father claims that Aftab’s family was also involved in the murder

As Delhi police attempt to investigate the chilling murder of 27-year-old Shraddha Walkar, the deceased’s surviving father has claimed that Aftab Amin’s family are also implicated in the brutal murder of his daughter.

Speaking to India TV, Vikas Madan Walkar said: “I now think that the whole family is involved in this crime. You are now on the run. The police should also question her,’ said Shraddha’s father. Regarding their behavior, he said: “They didn’t even talk to us at their house when we visited them, hoping that they would try to explain the situation with Shraddha to Aftab.”

In so doing, the father demanded that Aftab be hanged in public and expressed concern that the Delhi police failed to question Aftab’s family.

In another interview with India Today, Sharddha’s father reiterated that his younger brother did not host them when they visited Aftab’s family. “I last spoke to Shraddha in 2021. She never told me directly that Aaftab abused her. But she had mentioned her abusive relationship with her mother. My son later told me about it,” Vikas Walkar told India Today.

He added: “I went to visit Aaftab’s family along with my wife and her sister, but his brother did not allow us to meet his family. They never contacted us,” he said.

According to the report, Shraddha’s parents and brother had gone to Aftab’s house in Vasai to ask for help, but were not allowed to enter. Aftab’s family called him and asked Shraddha’s father to handle the situation without involving them in the matter.

Meanwhile, Manikpur (Palghar) Police investigating the heinous murder said on Wednesday that the family of accused Aftab Amin fled to an unknown location and are currently untraceable.

“When the Manikpur Police took Aftab’s statement after calling him to Vasai, Aftab’s family moved to an unknown location. Aftab’s family is also not in contact with the Manikpur Police,” the police told ANI.

Shraddha’s father suspects a “love jihad” angle in the case and is demanding the death penalty for Aftab Amin

On November 15, Shraddha’s father, Vikas Madan Walker, told ANI that he suspected “love jihad” aspects in the case and called for the accused perpetrator to be sentenced to death. Speaking to ANI, Shraddha’s father, Vikas Madan Walker said: “I suspected a love-jihad angle. We call for the death penalty for Aftab. I trust the Delhi Police and the investigation which is moving in the right direction. Shraddha was close to her uncle and didn’t talk to me much. I have never had contact with Aftab. I filed the first complaint in Mumbai’s Vasai.”

Shraddha Walkar was hospitalized in 2020 with severe back pain and bruises on her face

Earlier in the day, police announced that Shraddha, who was strangled to death and hacked into 35 pieces by her partner Aftab, was hospitalized in 2020 with severe back pain in Vasai, Maharashtra.

Shraddha was admitted to Ozone Multispeciality Hospital in Vasai on December 3, 2020 with acute back and spine pain. It is believed that she was attacked by Aftab, resulting in back problems that required hospitalization. Shraddha’s medical reports as well as her picture from 2020 are going viral on social media platforms.

The woman in the picture is seen with bruises on her face, with a mark of injury highlighted on her nose. The medical reports also indicate that she had been in severe pain for 4 to 5 days before being admitted to the hospital. It was previously reported that Shraddha was in an abusive relationship with Aftab.

Aftab and Shraddha quarreled over petty things and he had physically attacked Shraddha several times in the past. After the murder, many of Shraddha’s friends came and confirmed to the police that she was not happy with Aftab and was desperate to end her relationship with the accused.

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