Should You Buy a Refurbished Gaming PC?

The idea of ​​buying a “refurbished” variant of the best gaming PC – or really used electronics – sounds inherently risky, doesn’t it? And yet, the global market for cheap gaming PCs and refurbished PCs in particular is growing rapidly and is projected to reach a combined value of a staggering $8 billion by 2031 as consumers seek better value for money and the world increasingly confronts it is urgent need to reduce e-waste.

However, buying refurbished PCs or components isn’t as risky as it used to be; A sizable number of major PC manufacturers are offering refurbished systems at solid discounts, and major electronics retailers are now selling refurbished components and systems as well. Here we’ll break down the pros and cons of grabbing a refurbished kit, and what to look out for if you decide to do so.

What are you getting?

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