Security researcher says Eufy has a major security problem

what you need to know

  • Security researcher Paul Moore has discovered several security vulnerabilities in Eufy’s cameras.
  • User images and facial recognition data are sent to the cloud without user consent, and live camera feeds can reportedly be accessed without authentication.
  • According to Moore, some of the issues have since been fixed, but he can’t verify that cloud data is properly wiped. Moore, a UK resident, has taken legal action against Eufy over a possible breach of the GDPR.
  • Eufy support has confirmed some of the issues and issued an official statement on the matter, stating that an app update will provide clearer language.

Update Nov 29 11:32 am: Added Paul Moore’s answer to Android Central.

Update Nov 29 3:30pm: Eufy issued a statement explaining what is going on which can be seen below in Eufy’s explanation section.

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