Rumor: $3 Nintendo Switch modchip could be coming, compatible with V2 (Mariko) and OLED (Aula)

Scene veteran Zecoxao has shared rumors that a Raspberry rp2040-based modchip for Nintendo Switch is arriving. Since the chip in question is available for around $3 from most retailers like AliExpress, this could be a game changer when Switch mod chips today cost up to $150 (installation not included).

$3 Raspberry Switch Modchip

Theoretically at this point it’s very possible that some hacking teams have fully reverse engineered Team Xecuter’s SX modchip and its clones HWFLY. From there, porting the glitching code to a cheap SOC sounds reasonable. It also wouldn’t be surprising that one of the many hackers in the scene got tired of modchip sellers betting on piracy and decided to short-cut the whole process.

Also, Zecoxao isn’t the only one who mentioned this chip. Switch modding expert sthetix also spoke up He knows about it but has no details. Zecoxao has moved on Condition The chip will be compatible with OLED (Aula), Switch V2 (Mariko), but not unpatched V1 (Erista). No word on Switch Lite compatibility.

In other words, the rumor feels legit to an extent.

People at GBATemp have discussed the rumor where it originally started, based on a Craigslist post trying to sell the mod under the name “pikofly” (referring to HWFLY).

The Craigslist listing itself feels dodgy, but some people have indicated that glitching the switch with a Raspberry RP2040 is a possibility. Longtime member of the Switch scene CompSciOrBust went one step further and explained:

Yes we can. I know the developer. He asked some people (including me) to spread FUD here because he wasn’t ready to post lol yet. Some Russian who tested it fucks him trying to sell it.

In this original GBATemp thread, the Craigslist seller first shared details about the pinout scheme:

7 PIN:
29 - D0
28 - CMD
27 - CLK
26 - RST
15 - SOC shelf

Of course, one could easily falsify such information, but again, trusted people have stated that this is legitimate.

$3 switch modchip, ETA wen

It’s very likely that this rumor is real, but if the device is real, then many questions come next: When should we expect a release? Will the product be fully open source, or will it be a competitor to the existing HWFLY clones that’s just a little cheaper? How many skills (and additional cables/hardware) are required to do your own installation? sthetix specifically said:

A fully open source solution similar to what we’ve had in the past, like the SD2Vita theme for PS Vita, would honestly be great. It would lower the cost of switch modding and could enable significant innovation in this area. On the other hand, if the person behind this mod has knowledge that no one has released before, it’s also possible that they’re trying to monetize it rather than give it away.

We’ll have to wait and see, but exciting days could lie ahead for Switch hacking. Anything that lowers the cost of modding Switch consoles would be great.

In the meantime, if you can’t wait to hack your Nintendo Switch, check out our switch hacking guide.

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