PC demands hit a new high as the popular PS5 game hits Steam

Returnal's protagonist stares at the camera.

screenshot: Sony/Kotaku

Pop quiz for you PC nerds: A friend wants to build a gaming PC and wants to know how much RAM it should get. what would you say 16GB for gaming is a safe bet, right? Maybe you could even get by with 8 if you just want to play mostly indie games and do daily math? Well, you better hope that this hypothetical friend of yours (not that you don’t have real friends, I’m sure) doesn’t plan on playing the upcoming PC version of return because according to the game’s new Steam listingthe recommended specs call for a staggering 32 gigabytes of RAM.

Originally released exclusively for PS5, return is one of many Sony games coming to PC lately. return is a third-person roguelite shooter where you play as a space explorer caught in an endless time loop. As an early PS5 title that showed much of the system’s promising graphical performance, it certainly lends itself to a PC release to up the ante. word of return‘s arrival on the PC came during the epically long Game Awards last week, where it was followed by a Steam list showing the recommended specs of a six-core processor (eight if you’re rocking AMD), a 2000-series GPU, 60GB of storage (which is actually modest), and 32 contained gigabytes by freaking ram in 2022. The future is fine here.

To be fair, the minimum specs of return seem a lot more tolerable but are still pretty high in the ram department. A quad-core CPU on Intel or AMD will do, and true GTX 1060 graphics is fine, but you’ll still need 16GB of RAM. For minimum requirements! I didn’t get into PC gaming until around 2016, but even I know the minimum specs are usually tailored to what’s left of previous generations. And that means you, yes you, have to keep going with the GTX 980 while still in the tank.

returnThe requirements of seems like a pretty sharp tip for anyone paying attention to this sort of thing – which is what I thought about what’s to come Empty roomThe minimum and recommended specifications of the remake of 16 GB. Let’s put it in context.

In 2015, popular titles like failure 4 and The witcher 3 at least eight gigabytes required and recommended (min The Witcher were only six gigabytes). Flash forward to 2019 and Resident Evil 2‘s Remake asked for eight gigabytes on the minimum or recommended side. cyberpunkthat kicks my PC’s 32GB of RAM, eight-core CPU and 3000-series GPU, wanted 12GB at most in 2020. Just a year later was the splendor ForzaHorizon 5 had a recommended requirement of 16GB of RAM, as well as resident Evil village. now return (which has no release date on PC yet) arrives with the double requirement in a fraction of the time.

Sure, a recommended spec of 32GB is inevitable because we can’t get enough of the pretty pixels. But considering that return was at best a sleeper hit on PS5 and is not, I do not know, the next crisis or the continuation of cyberpunk, that number feels awfully high. If nothing else returnees Specs are a sore point, as are PC games in general get more and more expensiveeven as Crypto’s empire burns far away.

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