Passenger angry at boyfriend for boarding the plane minutes before she hit it

A woman who got mad at her boyfriend for boarding a plane before her is slammed online.

In a post on Reddit’s Bin I the A******? (AITA) forum on November 10, user u/anchordwn explained that her boyfriend was allowed to board the plane earlier than her because he was in the military. Despite boarding “less than five minutes late,” the poster lady was upset with her boyfriend, leading to a “light argument” during the ride.

After reading the story, Reddit users voted u/anchordwn an “A******” in this situation, with the post receiving almost 10,000 upvotes and over 3,500 comments.

A file photo of a couple arguing in an airport terminal. After reading other Reddit users’ replies, the poster decided to apologize to her boyfriend for the fight.
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“Communicate in advance”

A 2019 survey found that couples argue an average of 12 times when they travel. Parking app Spot Hero surveyed 2,000 Americans and found that inclement weather (44 percent), road traffic (41 percent), and losing items while traveling (37 percent) were the top stressors.

You can’t always control what will happen on your journey, but you can prevent stressful situations from sparking arguments with your partner. Sam Zand — a licensed psychiatrist, chief medical officer at Better U and CEO of Anywhere Clinic — said communicating your expectations before your trip can help resolve issues when they arise.

“Talk to your partner about concerns and desires beforehand,” he said news week.

“We often assume that our partners should know our feelings and desires, but it can be helpful to communicate gently in advance.

“Talking about it after the fact can make someone defensive. Instead of thinking about that past experience, we can use that energy to plan and prepare for the next trip together.”

Zand said taking steps to make travel generally less stressful can also be beneficial.

“You’re literally in airplane mode, so use it,” he said.

“Bring headphones, download your favorite playlist, bring a journal or book, and consider a meditation mask to reduce the stimulation of a crowded plane.

“For some, airports are stressful. Be extra nice to one another and acknowledge that at times when we can easily become anxious, we want to do our best. Breathwork, meditation, and relaxing music can help calm our nerves so we can better deal with the stressors that may come our way.”

“Huge Permission Vibes”

In her post, Anchordwn said that she and her boyfriend were flying to her parents’ house for Thanksgiving. The couple checked in at the airport together but were split into different boarding groups.

“He was Group 1 because he is on active military service, I was Group 3 because I was an airline platinum card holder,” she wrote.

“This is significant as both groups are considered priority boarding.”

Anchordwn describes themselves as “seasoned travelers” and avoids boarding with the main group because they are “slower”.

“Obviously when the plane started boarding, they first called group one, the active military and unaccompanied minor group — and my friend gets up and gets on without me,” she said.

“I got annoyed as groups 1 and 2 are both super small and group 3, my group, is usually called super fast if not combined with group two.”

Less than five minutes later, the poster’s group was called to board the plane. Once inside, she confronted her boyfriend about going ahead of her.

“I told him he could have waited for my group to be called and we could have boarded together,” she continued.

“He told me it wasn’t a big deal and I said it was because we traveled together, he had never done it before, why would he happen to do it now and he had no reason other than ‘it is ‘ Why shouldn’t I use this group even though my group still counts as priority boarding?”

The situation escalated into an argument, with the poster asking other Redditors if she was “the prick” because she was annoyed.

Unfortunately for anchordwn, users felt she stepped out of line since Hoodie_Boom_boom told her to “grow up”.

Kossl2000 agreed, writing, “Gives off huge entitlement vibes too.”

“Were you really upset that BF got on a few minutes before you?” said Giant_Industry_1259.

“You say you’re a seasoned traveler, so why are you so hot and worried that he left your side for a few minutes?

“What will he do? Steal a coke from the galley before boarding the plane? put on bunny slippers you don’t like?”

While Ellie_Reads_Romance commented, “If I were him I would always get on before you because I need that 10 minute break from your whining and pettiness.”

However, after reading the responses, anchordwn “accepted” the verdict.

“I accept that I was a huge idiot and that I should have fought my fights and not started an argument about something so small and small,” she wrote in an update to her post.

“I’m going to give him a big apology this morning.”

news week asked u/anchordwn for a comment. We have not been able to verify the details of the case.

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