Overwatch 2 Tank Ramattra’s abilities can terrify Shield players

Ramattra poses next to Reinhardt's grave.

RIP Bozo
picture: Blizzard/Kotaku

During the Thanksgiving break, Blizzard revealed the abilities of its newest tank hero, Ramattra, and he’s becoming a pain in the neck for Reinhardt and Mercy players.

Similar to surveillance 2‘s Feet finder profiteerSigma, Ramattra seems to be a highly qualified over watch Character with the potential to single-handedly unga bunga an entire enemy team in the right hands. So let’s break down all of Ramattra’s abilities so you know exactly what to expect when he arrives surveillance 2 Season 2 on December 6th.

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Ramattra’s primary fire ability is a short to medium range attack called Void Accelerator. Using his warlock-like staff, Ramattra launches a barrage of nanites at enemies. Void Accelerator has 100 bullets (or nanites), no damage falloff, and deals extra damage with headshots. His secondary fire, Void Barrier, is gently reintroduced barrier clock back into the game by creating a temporary shield on the field. This barrier has 1,000 health points.

As Dragon Ball Z‘s Goku, who goes even further with his Super Saiyan 3 form, Ramattra has his own power-up called Nemesis Form. Aside from adding an extra pair of arms to the bot, a la Asura’s Wrath, the Nemesis form adds 160 armor points to Ramattra’s health and modifies his primary and secondary abilities. In Nemesis form, Ramattra’s primary fire transforms into a Doomfist-like slamming ability called Pummel, which emits a wave of energy that can pierce shields, hit multiple enemies, and cannot be negated by D.Va’s Defense Matrix. Nemesis Form’s secondary ability, Block, does exactly what you’d expect while reducing the damage done to it by 75 percent. However, this comes at the expense of Ramattra’s movement speed, which decreases by 50 percent, and opens him up for a well-timed flanking attack as it’s only effective against forward attacks.

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Oh. You thought it was over? Nuh-uh, Ramattra also has a projectile ability called Ravenous Vortex that shoots out a ball of nanites that slows down enemies and also drags them to the ground. Basically, think Mei has been revamped Endothermic Blaster but with the aesthetics of The Witcher Yrden shield of the franchise.

Last but not least is Ramttra’s Ultimate: Annihilation. This ultimate ability automatically triggers Nemesis form and all of its random bullshit, with the added bonus of an area of ​​effect ability that summons a ring of nanobots around Ramattra that damage enemies within their range and reduce incoming damage by 50 percent. Yes, he will be a hero that you would love to see on your team and that you wouldn’t hate on anyone else.

If you’re looking to play Ramattra, I’d be remiss not to mention that he’s lagging behind surveillance 2‘s Battle Pass, unless you’ve ground something and are a level 55 or higher player. Blizzard, if anything, will do it monetize over watch for all its value, and that includes paying/progress walls of Ramattra. Personally, I expect the inevitable balance patch for Ramattra to make him less overpowered than it appears on paper. You know it’s coming

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