Overwatch 2 brings back freezing for its new holiday mode

Doomfist is seen charging up a punch while Bastion is frozen.  Cassidy goes after him to unfreeze him.

Prepare to be frozen in place one more time.
screenshot: blizzard

Overwatch 2 Various overhauls and balance changes have fundamentally altered several characters from their original forms, and this shift means many mechanics that were once key to the original game no longer exist in the sequel. This was part of a larger change to the game, removing or changing crowd control abilities like Cassidy’s Flashbang and Brigitte’s Shield Bash, which make the game faster and more frantic overall.

Changes include the removal of Mei’s original ability to freeze her enemies with her primary fire (although her ultimate still has the freeze effect on those caught in it), which has been replaced with a slow effect. If you were nostalgic for one of the most frustrating mechanics over watch Blizzard released a new mode for its recurring Winter Wonderland Christmas event that’s all about stopping players. If you’re missing this part of your kit as a Mei major, I get it. If you miss it as someone who was once on the receiving end of their endothermic blaster, I have to ask, “Who hurt you?”

Freeze-thaw elimination is part of Overwatch 2 2022 Winter Wonderland Event running through January 4th. Arcade mode is what Blizzard describes as a freeze tag version of the hero shooter where your team’s goal is to freeze all your enemies by eliminating them, and then watch them helplessly from their icy prison until a teammate unfreezes them. Launching alongside the returning Winter Wonderland modes Mei’s Snowball Offensive and Mei’s Yeti Hunt, the new mode really shows that Mei and her icy ways will always be the star by default Overwatch’s annual winter event. Unless she gets taken out of the game again.

D.Va wears a festive outfit and leans on her mech, which is adorned with festive decorations.

D.Va’s holiday cosmetics will be available via Twitch Drops.
screenshot: blizzard

As with all Overwatch events, the 2022 Winter Wonderland event includes themed cosmetics like a new Frozen skin for Brigitte and an Iron Gel skin for Echo, along with smaller items like weapon charms and sprays. Some of these, including the Brigitte skin, can be unlocked by playing Winter Wonderland modes and completing event challenges.

All of this comes as a prelude to some holiday themed D.Va cosmetics that can be unlocked by spectating surveillance 2 Twitch will stream from December 25th to January 4th. These include a festive victory pose in which D.Va’s mech is decked out in holiday lights, and the Sleighing skin in which both the heroine and her mech are dressed up for the holidays. Hopefully these twitch drops don’t fall victim to the same issues that previous events have had, as some players have report not having promised cosmetics unlocked in game after watching Overwatch League streams last month.

surveillance 2 is in the middle of its second season, which was added Ramattra, a new tank hero who is the leader of Null Sector, one of the antagonistic forces in the game’s upcoming PvE mode, due out next year. Ramattra is the second unlockable new hero in surveillance 2 after Kiriko at launch, which became part of the Battle Pass, much to the chagrin of longtime players who got heroes for free in the first game. After that pushback, Blizzard made Ramattra slightly easier to unlock on the free Battle Pass. There is still not much happening in terms of feedback Monetization and Battle Pass Grindalthough.

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