Our best advice about Black Friday is to remember you don’t HAVE to buy anything

It’s now Black Friday week and the sales event has grown into a true global phenomenon. It’s a time of year when just as the tinsel seeps into the high street, now the big black for sale signs are big enough to have their own appeal. And it can be a fantastic time to save up for that one thing you’ve been looking forward to all year or to top off all your Christmas shopping in a flurry of free spending.

But it can also be a time when some retailers pull out their most underhanded tactics and effusive language to encourage people to part with their money on products they wouldn’t normally look twice at. That’s why we’re here every year to act as your fecal filters, weeding out the worst excesses of November Dealiogeddon and making sure you only see the kind of gear we’d recommend to our friends.

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