Online FPS WEB3WAR pays you to show off your skills

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Online games are evolving rapidly thanks to blockchain technology WEB3WAR is an exciting example of how this can bring real value to gamers.

Currently in public beta and free to play, WEB3WAR is a fast-paced multiplayer shooter that rewards skillful players with tokens that they can sell for real money. Secured by the Zilliqa blockchain, WEB3WAR rewards players who play well with FPS tokens that they can sell, trade, or use to purchase cosmetic skins, seasonal content, and other in-game items.

WEB3WAR is a cross-platform progressive FPS that offers smooth gameplay and highly skilled mechanics along with a range of game modes and map designs. Players can customize their loadout before diving into battle, changing everything from the attachments on their equipped weapon to their melee weapon type and their character’s appearance.

In WEB3WARthe players with the best aim and quickest reflexes rise to the top and earn money and skins for their efforts.

Many free-to-play games are accused of being “pay-to-win,” a system whereby purchasing in-game items increases performance and gives players an unfair advantage. WEB3WAR turns this concept on its head by creating a level playing field for all and rewarding the best players through a “Skill2Earn” system.

These tokens can be used to buy in-game skins or sell them for real money. Instead of paying to win, you get paid to play and be better at the game. The better you play, the more you earn.

Skins and other cosmetic items in WEB3WAR are truly owned by players that exist as tokenized assets (NFTs) on the Zilliqa blockchain. This means they can be sold for real money outside of the game or even used in other games.

Everything you earn and unlock WEB3WAR belongs to you and has real value. You can use these rewards to boost your loadout, buy seasonal content, buy other games, or sell them for real money.

WEB3WAR offers a range of game modes and both sandbox and ranked gameplay, the latter offering a competitive environment where you can earn tokens to prove your skills in high-quality arenas designed for fast-paced, tactical combat.

In a standard game of WEB3WAR, Players earn points for every enemy they kill. Once the game is over, the players with the best performances will get the lion’s share of the FPS tokens. This means that even if you are on the losing team, you can still earn by being the best of your teammates.

The game is currently in public beta for Windows, but will be released on a number of other platforms in the future, including Mac and Linux. WEB3WAR will also be available on Zilliqa’s upcoming game console.

WEB3WAR is constantly releasing new maps, content, and gameplay updates during this beta period, and will continue to do so after official launch with the regular release of seasonal content bringing new weapon skins, maps, character models, and more.

Play for free WEB3WAR Public Beta to get acquainted with the game mechanics and provide feedback to the developers on the progress of the beta.

By mastering the map layouts and gameplay now, you’ll have an edge over other players for official launch and be in the best position to show off your skills and earn FPS tokens.

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