Oli London switches from a “Korean” woman to a British man

Oli London switches from a “Korean” woman to a British man

Influencer Oli London announced his move from a “Korean” woman to a British man, citing God and Christianity as the reason for the change.

London, 32, first announced his retirement in a video on his YouTube channel.

London, uploaded on October 14, explains in his video that despite living as a Korean for the past six months, he has only felt “temporary happiness”. highlighting his struggle with his identityHe explains, “Some days I wake up as Jimin, some days I wake up as Rose from Blackpink, and you know I’m trying to be myself.”

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Despite previously calling himself gender biased, London now says: “I’ve come to realize that I’m actually a man. And I want to stay as a man. So I will go back to my original pronouns, which are he/him and KOR/EAN.” London states that he is “happy as a man,” which is consistent with his “biology.”

London says that while moving away from transitioning, he claims he was “born in the wrong body” as he was born British “when it should have been Korean”.

In a recent appearance on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson tonight‘ London criticized the ‘new norm’ of gender politics in the classrooms of young students. “You’re subverting the alpha male — the alpha heteromale — has been subverted,” he claimed. London went on to blame a “radical ideology”. who idealizes weak men and politicians, using British singer Harry Styles and former US Representative Beto O’Rourke as examples.

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When asked about his happiness, London blamed the “awakened culture” for causing his struggles regarding his gender dysphoria and physical appearance. However, London claimed to have only recently found happiness in his newfound Christian faith.

“It actually kind of saved my life,” London said CNA. “Finding God has brought me back to who I am as a person.”

Inspired by trans TikTok influencers Dylan MulvaneyLondon began documenting his life in a series called Days of Manhood.

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London also tried to follow in Mulvaney’s footsteps to speak with President Joe Biden about the “dangers of child transition.”

Despite mimicking Mulvaney’s journey, London attacked her on Twitter on Monday, accusing the influencer of being a paid actor.

London also stated that after his last album in January he would be taking a break from making music and introducing himself as a politician. Using the hashtag #olilondon2024, London wrote that he will protect children from “harmful ideologies” and “fight against waking culture.”

London first gained popularity in 2018 after taking part in a documentary about plastic. Identifying as gender fluid and using she/them pronouns showed that he had spent over $100,000 on surgeries to look like Jimin from BTS.

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