NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 laptop GPUs and 13th Gen Intel Core Raptor Lake-H to be announced on January 3rd

Please note that this post is marked as rumor.

Revealed by Intel and NVIDIA preparing new laptop hardware for CES 2023

Wccftech has received preliminary specifications and launch date for the upcoming NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series for laptops.

The site claims to have initial, if somewhat confusing, information on next-gen GeForce series laptops. The information is confusing as the source materials use different SKU names for the high-end parts interchangeably. The flagship part is called either the RTX 4090 or RTX 4080 Ti (laptop GPU), both names are reportedly in Embargo materials.

For now, it would make more sense to go with NVIDIA GPU codenames instead, such as B. GN21-X11, X9, X6, X4 and X2. These names were already mentioned by the other leaker last month. However, given the recent rumors that AMD could launch the mobile Radeon RX 7900M GPU, it would make sense for NVIDIA to launch the RTX 4090 laptop GPU as well.

Wccftech also has initial 3DMark TimeSpy numbers for the new parts. This slide refers to GN21-X11 as the RTX 4080 Ti. This GPU would be exactly 30% faster than the RTX 3080 Ti, currently the fastest mobile GPU based on the Ampere GA103 GPU. The same performance boost can be expected from RTX 4080 over RTX 3080, while RTX 4070 could see a 45% increase over RTX 3070.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Mobile performance in 3DMark Time Spy, Source: Wccftech

What is definitely new is the disclosure of the memory specifications for each NVIDIA GN21 GPU. The X11 (4090 or 4080Ti) should have 16GB of VRAM, just like the RTX 3080 Ti. NVIDIA is reportedly adding a new variant with 12GB of VRAM, this could be the new RTX 4080. The RTX 3070 will stay at 8GB of VRAM and the same memory specification should apply to the RTX 4060. Meanwhile, RTX 4050 would get 6GB of VRAM, according to the report.

Announced at CES 2033

The new data confirms that NVIDIA will announce its RTX 40 series in January. The exact time for the embargo to be lifted is January 3, 2023 at 9:00 am PT. However, the actual start should take place around mid-February.

Interestingly, the RTX 40 series is set to be announced alongside Raptor Lake-H, Intel’s new mobile platform. The company has previously stated that Intel Raptor Lake Mobile will launch by the end of this year, so it’s not clear if the series has been delayed or if there’s confusion with the words “announcement” and “launch.” However, it has become a tradition for Intel, AMD and NVIDIA to unveil new mobile products at CES.

Specifications of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Mobile Series
VideoCardz.com RTX4090
RTX 4080 Ti
RTX 4080 Ti
RTX4070 RTX 4060 Ti
code name X21-X11 X21-X9 X21-X6 X21-X4 X21-X2
graphic card AD103 AD104 AD106 AD107 AD107
boost clock TB TB TB TB TB
bandwidth TB TB TB TB TB

Source: Wccftech

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