No tricks: AYN reveals Loki’s range of handheld gaming PCs

The launch of the Steam Deck (opens in new tab) seems to have typed a lot more handheld PCs (opens in new tab) projects. The newest is the Loki from AYN (opens in new tab), a line of five handhelds that starts out cheap and is fairly upgradeable. Thanks to Techpowerup (opens in new tab) and lilliputing (opens in new tab) for guidance on this one.

AYN has already released the Android-powered Odin (opens in new tab), but Loki is running Windows. The machines come with a range of CPU options, most of them from AMD. However, the entry-level member of the pantheon comes with an unnamed Intel Alder Lake U chip. The Loki Mini with Iris Xe graphics and 64GB of storage (no RAM information seems to be available for any of the Loki machines, although Odin came with a choice of 4GB or 8GB) will retail for just $299. The storage appears to be interchangeable across the range, so hopefully new SSDs can be easily snapped in.

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