No, Dan Campbell was not distracted by the wave during Penei Sewell’s catch play call

Sometimes in this business you have to write things you never thought you would have to write. But that’s the case this Tuesday afternoon, when the internet was fooled by an innocent story from Detroit Lions coach Dan Campbell.

Appearing on Tuesday afternoon’s loose, uncensored “Pat McAfee Show,” Campbell let his hair down a little and shared an entertaining story about the moment the Lions chose a crucial pass to attack Penei Sewell with a right hand.

Here’s what Campbell said verbatim when asked about the play:

“Something else happened here. These things happen during the game, but we’re in this situation and the fans are waving around the stadium. And so I watch it and hear[offensive coordinator]Ben Johnson say, “Hey, coach, you want? [garbled noises]’ and I was so focused on the wave and I said, ‘Yeah, that’s fine.’ And then I look up and we throw it to Penei and I’m like, ‘What the hell are we doing?’ He said, ‘Coach, you said it was fine.’ But it worked great. It was amazing.”

Whether it was Campbell’s convincing acting or people’s preconceived notions about the Lions head coach’s “hackiness,” people took the story literally. When he joked 100 percent.

Do not believe me?

Well, first off, Lions fans were definitely not making waves at this point in the game. It had come earlier, but in the biggest game of the game, I can tell you that I was in that stadium, that it didn’t happen at that moment.

Second, Campbell went on local radio station 97.1 The Ticket earlier on Tuesday and when asked about the wave said he didn’t even notice because he was included in the action.

“I didn’t see the wave,” Campbell said.

Granted, this whole thing is a bit weird for Campbell to joke about, and people who don’t often listen to or interact with Campbell might not understand his comedy style. In Campbell’s unique way, he was probably just trying to give Johnson more credit for the play call while getting a few laughs from McAfee and his cronies.

In between, he told McAfee about the making of the play. He talks about how they talked about bringing Sewell on several occasions due to his athleticism. He’s literally talking about telling Jared Goff to tell Sewell to keep within bounds to keep the clock ticking.

“The only thing I’ve been worried about to make sure Goff gets to him is, ‘Make sure you stay within bounds,'” Campbell said.

So no. Dan Campbell wasn’t surprised by the trick play for Sewell at the crucial moment of the game because the fans made the wave.

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled program.

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