NFL Hall of Fame coach Bill Cowher calls Colts’ Jeff Saturday hiring “a disgrace to the coaching profession.”

Last week, the Indianapolis Colts fired Frank Reich and hired Jeff Saturday as interim head coach. The decision came as a shock to most, considering Saturday has no experience as an NFL or even college head coach.

Many have spoken openly about the hiring decisionangered by Irsay’s decision to appoint Saturday as head coach and not happy that the former Colt has accepted the job.

The latest big name in the NFL to speak openly about the hiring is former NFL head coach and Hall of Famer Bill Cowher. The Steelers legend called out Saturday because she didn’t want to take a job with the Colts before and wondered what the difference was now.

“I speak on behalf of the coaching profession. I know for a fact that Jeff Saturday has been offered several opportunities to become an assistant coach with the Indianapolis Colts over the past four years,” Cowher said Sunday. “He declined, citing he has a TV job and wants to spend more time with his family. I understand. Coaching is about commitment and sacrifice. It’s not just a job. It’s a lifestyle. That being said, Jeff Saturday has taken the job as a consultant for the Colts this year, and he’s been speaking to them weekly from his home in Atlanta.”

Cowher finds it insulting to the Colts’ other coaches, who have been there every step of the way this season, and expresses that he believes they deserve the Saturday job.

“Well to find out – in short order – that he’s the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts overseeing a staff he didn’t choose because of his lifestyle. Jeff Saturday spoke in his first press conference about how he’s going to use this second half to build his resume and see if he can be a coach in the future,” Cowher said. “I’ll say to that, what about the now Assistants on staff? The guys who were there in the training camp, the guys who were there early in the morning and late at night. … Don’t they deserve the opportunity?”

Cowher calls out Irsay, calling the move a “disgrace” and a “travesty.”

“For an owner hiring a coach who has never been a college or professional level assistant and overseeing many qualified candidates to complete a resume, it is a disgrace to the coaching profession. In terms of how this played out, what happened in Indianapolis is a farce,” the Hall of Famer said.

With all outrage, Saturday secured a win in his NFL coaching debut Sunday. With Matt Ryan at center, the Colts defeated the Las Vegas Raiders 25-20 to move up to 4-5-1 in the season.

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