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When it comes to gaming consoles, some people say that nothing beats a good old-fashioned computer. A gaming PC these days is a valuable possession and worth a pretty penny. Many players spend time outfitting it with accessories to make it more useful, improve aesthetics, keep things organized, or just have more fun!

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If you are looking ways to improve your own desktop setup, You are in the right place. This article lists some ideas you might have had but didn’t know what to buy, some things that might surprise you, and some things you never knew you always needed.


HyperX Cloud Stinger Core (Wi-Fi +7.1)


When talking about PC accessories, it’s a no-brainer to start with a reliable and comfortable headset. The HyperX Cloud Stinger Core (Wireless +7.1) is one of the best options out there today.

To start, the price falls below $80, which means you can buy it on the spur of the moment on a Tuesday night and wake up on Wednesday with no regrets. When you receive your purchase, You won’t be disappointed with the sound quality and noise-cancelling capabilities of the headset. Few people have enough money to splurge on top-of-the-line gear; that gets you very close at a much cheaper price.

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Jaaytct Cell Phone Stand

phone stand

Just because you’re at your computer doesn’t mean you don’t want to keep an eye on your phone for texts, notifications, youtube etc. Type: Jaaytct’s phone stand! No more struggling with propping your phone up against your monitor or the pile of books in the corner of your desk.

This puppy takes up very little space on your desktop while allowing you to keep scrolling the whole time. As an added bonus, it is extremely compact and can easily be taken to school, work or a friend’s house. If you have one, even small tablets will easily fit in.

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Kirigen luggage stand trolley

Kirigen luggage stand trolley

These are the kinds of things that you might never think of on your own, but that seem so obvious in hindsight. Why just leave your PC on the floor when it makes it so heavy to move around and difficult to clean, modify or adjust cables?

Old computer desks from the late ’90s and early 2000s used to have a built-in closet that could fit your clunky PC, but they’ve become obsolete since most people switched to laptops. To keep your PC moving, all you need is the Kirigen Case Stand Cart. It has a simple yet sturdy design that won’t be intrusive in your space and fits in most PC cases. The stand is also easy to assemble; It just requires you to install some wheels!

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GANA 3-Port 4K HDMI Switch

HDMI switcher

If you’re the kind of gamer whose consoles are all concentrated at your desk, an HDMI switch is an absolute must.

Basically, you’re plugging the HDMIs into this Switch for three things — let’s say it’s your PC, your Nintendo Switch, and your PlayStation 5. Then, If you want to see the feed for your Nintendo instead of your PC, all you have to do is press the button on the HDMI switch to change the feed to your monitor instead of fumbling around to change which HDMI cable you connected.

The GANA 3-port HDMI switch is a great option for beginners and experienced players alike. It’s very reliable despite having a really low price, and while you can get devices with more than 3 ports, few people need to connect more than 3 things to a monitor anyway.

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Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Ember Smart Mug

Well, a mug might not feel like the most obvious item on a list of PC accessories, but listen to us. If you’re like us, you probably bring a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate to your desk but are so engrossed in your game you forget to drink it. Halfway through it’s cold again!

this is that Ember Smart Mug, which can keep your drink warm at exactly the temperature you prefer. The coaster is its battery, and the mug connects to your smartphone so you can easily set its temperature. It comes in four colors and two sizes so everyone can find something to suit their needs. If you just have a little loose change for yourself, the Ember Smart Mug is for you.

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Logitech StreamCam

Logitech StreamCam

If this is the first time you’ve been using a PC instead of a laptop in a while, you might have forgotten that Monitors don’t have built-in cameras like most laptops. You have to buy something online to replace it.

Although it is a bit pricey compared to other items on this list, We recommend the Logitech StreamCam because it’s a great investment. This webcam can stream at 60 FPS in Full HD 1080P, meaning anyone you’re on a Zoom call with can see you crystal clear. The stand that attaches it to your monitor is also very versatile, allowing you to rotate and adjust it to suit your setup.

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controller stand

controller stand

Just because you’re on a PC doesn’t mean you have to give up gaming with a controller. Some people prefer a controller over a keyboard in every game, while others switch back and forth. Some titles, like Aperture Science Desk Job, can even require a controller.

To keep yours handy, get a controller stand! After all, Things on your desk don’t count as clutter if they’re presented nicely, do they? This stand from NemoHome fits pretty much any controller you could want and there are even ones to put on your headset!

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Frigidaire EFMIS129-WHITE Drink cooler for 6 cans

Frigidaire cooler

Well, a proper mini-fridge will cost you a few hundred dollars and take up a lot of desk space that you might not want to waste. However, we can all agree with that It’s nice to have some cool drinks that you can conveniently grab when you’re in the middle of a gaming session. That’s why we recommend the Frigidaire Cooler instead!

This compact little cooler costs less than $50 and fits in 6 standard size (12 ounce) pop cans. However, if pop isn’t your thing, there’s a small shelf and more than enough space for small yoghurt pots, fruit or whatever else you fancy. The cooler is fairly small and would easily fit on a generous shelf or in a corner – but you don’t need to keep it out of sight as it has a clean white design on the outside.

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Atolla 7 Port USB Data Hub Splitter

Atolla USB hub

If we had to guess, we’d say it was you The left, right and middle USB ports go out. We know we are. There are many things you can connect to a desktop like your mouse, your keyboard, your webcam… We haven’t even touched on how many things you need to charge like a portable battery, a smart watch, a phone , a camera, and the list goes on! Is it any wonder we want more?

Let the Atolla 7-Port USB Splitter solve all these problems for you. Not only does it increase the number of USB ports on your PC, but it also brings them all together in one convenient place. No more digging around behind your PC looking for that extra USB output you know is back there somewhere! You can even turn each of the outlets on the hub on and off individually.

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YUNZII KC84 Pro hot-swappable mechanical keyboard

YUNZII KC84 Pro hot-swappable mechanical keyboard

If you want to perfect the aesthetics of your desk, your keyboard needs to match. After all, it’s one of the biggest and most eye-catching items on the desk!

To help you keep up with your changing aesthetic eye, We recommend something with interchangeable keys, like the YUNZII KC84 keyboard. This keyboard has everything you could ever need! It’s mechanical. It lights up. It comes in different colors and sizes. While you’ll have to shell out a little under $100 for it, we know it’s worth it.

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We hope you enjoy the items we have recommended and reviewed! TheGamer has affiliated and sponsored partnerships, so we receive a portion of the revenue from some of your purchases. This does not affect the price and helps us to offer the best product recommendations.

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