Minecraft Gaming PC is built into a real magma block

A gaming PC built in perfect resemblance to a Minecraft magma block, complete with custom changing lights and a Strider hidden within.

A fan’s new custom built gaming PC is not only powerful, it’s a perfect replica of a magma block Minecraft. Minecraft is so well known that many have never played the game but can recognize its blocky appearance. Giving the hundreds of cubes and items made up of smaller cubes Minecraft A distinctive look that has inspired all types of artists for years.

As Minecraft is a game where players can build pretty much anything they want with enough blocks and redstone. It’s no surprise that the creativity it inspires has taken on huge proportions both inside and outside the game. Players always push the limits of what is possible within Minecraft, while other fans have created countless drawings, videos, and songs, among other artworks. Often inspiring their ingenuity, fans are always finding new ways to impress other creators with their work – like this one Minecraft Redstone Circuit Fan Build that recreated the game’s crimson resource in real life.


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Developed by DaKrazyKid, who specializes in creating custom RBG content, the Block PC features 400+ LED lights that make it glow like the Magma Blocks do. The LED lights, courtesy of SignalRBG, can also change color and style effects, from neon colors to “gradient snakes”. matrix green flicker. There is a gap on one side of the PC case for a peek inside, revealing not only the lights and motherboard, but also a Strider figure standing on a pool of “lava,” aka other lights . All of this is contained within a series of textured panels modeled after the magma block found in Minecraft‘s Nether biome. One downside that DaKrazyKid has admitted is that the block shape makes it “not optimal” for airflow, meaning the block PC itself can get quite hot. While some may see this as a flaw in the design, others may see it more closely matching an actual magma block.

A PC becomes a perfect replica of a Minecraft Magma Block

The design of the PC is a perfect recreation, from the attention to detail on the exterior to the warm orange glow of the LED lights. The strider inside is an adorable touch that gets even better when it’s perched on a patch of LED lava. However, as mentioned earlier, the lights on this block can be whatever the user desires. Keeping it orange and magma-like is entirely up to the user, as they can use the keyboard to adjust the vibe to their own Minecraft Stories and open world adventures.

This impressive build by DaKrazyKid is impressive when it comes to design and craftsmanship. Anyone who uses this PC will no doubt be prepared for something very special Minecraft Adventure.

Source: DaKrazyKid/Reddit

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