Meta employee pays $300,000 for cruise ship condo to continue working from home

  • A Meta employee spent $300,000 on a condo on a cruise ship that will sail around the world.
  • Austin Wells told CNBC he wants to travel the world and continue working from home.
  • The MV Narrative will set sail in 2025, with permanent residences starting at $1 million.

A Meta employee has bought a 12-year lease on a cruise ship condo so he can continue working from home while seeing the world, a report said.

CNBC reported earlier this month that Austin Wells, a 28-year-old employee of Reality Labs, Meta’s virtual reality arm, will be one of the residents of the MV narrative.

The cruise ship promises to let guests live permanently at sea – at a price. Permanent 237-square-foot studios hit the market this year for $1 million.

Wells, from San Diego, told CNBC he was lured by the opportunity to see the world while maintaining a semblance of routine that would allow him to keep working. And the 12-year lease capped the price for the soon-to-be digital nomad.

“What excites me the most is not having to turn my daily routine upside down to see the world,” Wells told CNBC.

“I go from this model where you want to go anywhere, you pack a bag, you get on a flight, you rent a room, now to my condo, my gym, my doctors and dentists, all my grocery stores, the world with me.”

Wells told the outlet that he plans to continue working on the west coast when the ship puts to sea in Europe in 2025. This is likely to result in very unsocial hours, including late evenings and early mornings.

“But that opens up an opportunity for me … maybe to see a city from noon to afternoon and then start my work day around 6 or 7 p.m.,” he told CNBC.

Operated by luxury travel company Storylines, MV Narrative promises residents the opportunity to visit all six continents on a 1,000-day circumnavigation, spending an average of three days in each port.

The price tag includes almost everything a resident could need, with food, beverages, and laundry services, as well as all the recreational activities found on a luxury cruise ship, like gyms and performances.

Meta Wells recently announced plans to downsize its office space and expand work-from-home orders to cut costs after huge losses this year.

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