Jake Shields, Mike Jackson erupt in physical altercation over social media abuse at UFC PI; both threatened legal action

Internet bad blood has spilled over into real life for two UFC veterans.

Former Strikeforce champion Jake Shields posted a video on Twitter on Friday depicts a physical altercation between him and four-fight UFC veteran Mike Jackson, which was held at the UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas. Shields and Jackson have feuded extensively on social media on a variety of topics including race, politics and more.

“Finally ran into the b**** Mike Jackson,” Shields wrote on Twitter. “He quickly discovered the difference between calling people Nazis in person and calling them on Twitter. This racist is lucky that so many people were there to save his pathetic racist butt.”

In the video, which can be seen below, Shields is shown steering Jackson from the side controls and then taking position while several bystanders stand around and watch the pair. “You’re a little b****, you said you’d fuck me up,” Shields says to Jackson in the clip, leading to a response from Jackson asking the assembled crowd for help. Shields then appears to rise from the mount and throw punches at Jackson before the clip ends.

In a follow-up tweet, Shields invited Jackson to a rematch at the Xtreme Couture gym, stating, “They dragged me away [Jackson] because he was begging for mercy.”

After the incident, Jackson and Shields continued to attack each other on Twitter, with Shields repeatedly urging Jackson to show up at Xtreme Couture and Jackson, pointing out that he left the former Strikeforce champion with a bloody eye.

Jackson told MMA Fighting’s Steven Marrocco Friday afternoon that he plans to press charges against Shields over the incident.

Shields told MMA Fighting that he spoke to an attorney, who told him he had firm ground for a defamation lawsuit against Jackson over his Nazi-related allegations.

Jackson, 37, has split his four UFC appearances, victories over CM Punk (who was later knocked down to a no-contest after testing positive for marijuana) and Dean Barry between first-round losses to Mickey Gall and Pete Rodriguez trapped.

Shields, 43, retired from MMA in 2018 after a first-round KO loss to Ray Cooper III in the PFL playoffs. The experienced grappler holds notable wins over Dan Henderson, Tyron Woodley, Demian Maia, Carlos Condit, Robbie Lawler, Paul Daley and more.

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