“I’ve lost faith in humanity” – Rolling Stone

According to Bankrate, The average cost of an NFL ticket is a whopping $457. Drinks and snacks could easily set you another $100. And there really is no limit to what you can spend on merch.

The payoff of those financial and emotional investments can come in waves of euphoria after a home team win. Your dedication and money can evoke fond memories of tailgates and game day parties. may for some be associated with specific holidays, with traditions steeped in the reverence of an ancient religion.

But what’s the price of continuing to show respect to a player – or a team – mired in ugliness and controversy? What happens when there is a sharp juxtaposition between a love of the game and a dislike of an individual’s actions?

While they aren’t the first, many Cleveland Browns fans have mastered the art of self-deception when it comes to their new quarterback, Deshaun Watson. They have willingly slipped into ignorance for the sake of the game.

Well, there was no conviction, so we can’t really know what happened.

I’m not praising the player – I’m praising the team!

Everyone deserves a second chance.

At first glance, similar comments may seem diplomatic, or possibly even salutary.

But just beneath the surface lies a much darker truth: removing harm fosters a world where these evils will multiply.

The willful ignorance of Browns fans who disregard Deshaun Watson’s actions is sparking a cultural shift in which one man is voted the wrong man over dozens of women.

This is dangerous for many reasons.

Sue L. Robinson, a former U.S. District Judge who serves as the disciplinary officer for the NFL, had previously highlighted the NFL’s finding that Watson “used his status as an NFL player as an excuse to commit to a willful pattern of predatory behavior toward several.” to let women in” and noted that the league had proven that “Mr. Watson was involved in sexual assault (as defined by the NFL).

So I ask for their insights and the collaboration of Watson’s victims with NFL investigators and Houston Police Department detectives, how is his career now being rehabilitated after his tiny punishment?

Watson has maintained his stance that he is innocent throughout this saga. So how can he find salvation if he has not asked for forgiveness? The answer is simple: he can’t and doesn’t deserve another chance.

He shouldn’t have continued his career, but precedent was set that talent trumps abuse.

When I was asked to attend Watson’s return to the field on December 4th, I was furious. The ongoing humiliation, despair and anger at having lost my career because of him are my constant companions.

Not only have I lost my livelihood; I also suffer from crippling social anxiety. If a stranger attacked me, how can I trust anyone? I can not.

How could I bear to see my attacker return to his life of glory – the same life that had enveloped him in immunity for his actions?

I wake up every day wondering what I want out of this life and I try to convince myself that I am valuable as a person. I’m looking for hope and reasons to survive. Many days I miss this basic comfort.

How can my life keep meaning when masses of people continue to support the return of a talented monster? To say I’ve lost faith in humanity would be an understatement.


At what point do we stop separating the player from the sport?

It must be where it harms others. If not, we are intentionally shifting cultural expectations that dangerous men can live without consequences and their victims must simply suffer and disappear.

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