Intel Core i9-13980HX “Raptor Lake-HX” CPU will be the fastest laptop chip in the world with 24 cores at 5.6 GHz

Launching at CES 2023, Intel’s Raptor Lake HX lineup includes the Core i9-13980HX, the fastest 24-core laptop CPU to date.

The Intel Raptor Lake HX CPU family offers the world’s fastest Core i9-13980HX laptop CPU with 24 cores and up to 5.6 GHz clock speed

So far, we’re aware of five 13th Gen Intel Raptor Lake-HX laptop SKUs that were leaked a while back. The lineup was originally going to include up to a Core i9-13900HX with 24 cores, 32 threads and up to 5.4GHz clock speeds, but Intel has decided to create a “halo” SKU that sits a notch above and is the fastest Any laptop CPU out there will provide performance.

Meet the Intel Core i9-13980HX, this beast of a CPU designed to offer 8 P-Cores based on the Raptor Cove and 16 E-Cores based on the Gracemont architecture. The full configuration has 24 cores and 32 threads, which is the same configuration as the desktop Core i9-13900K. The CPU also comes with the same 36MB L3 cache and has a maximum turbo frequency of up to 5.6GHz, which is 600MHz faster than the Core i9-12950HX/Core i9-12900HX CPUs.

Intel Raptor Lake Core i9-13900K gets high-resolution and beautiful CPU die-shot (Image credit: Fritzchens Fritz)

In addition to the Raptor Lake HX series, the standard Intel Raptor Lake P family will lead the high-end Core i9-13900HK with 14 cores (6+8 configuration) and a total of 24 MB L3 cache and more up to 5.4 GHz clock frequencies. This CPU will also offer a 400MHz clock increase over 12th Gen predecessors like the Core i9-12900HK.

Both high-end Intel Core i9 Raptor Lake laptop lines will feature flagship designs unveiled at CES 2023 along with higher-end graphics options from the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series. We can also expect some top notch cooling techniques to be used on the laptops as CPUs with these types of specs get a bit hot and draw a lot of power than standard chips. Intel’s Raptor Lake HX CPU lineup is positioned squarely against AMD’s Dragon Range laptop CPU lineup, which is also expected to reuse desktop silicon on laptops with up to 16 cores and 32 threads.

13th Gen Intel Raptor Lake Mobility CPU Lineup:

CPU name Process / Architecture family cores/threads base clock boost clock GPU cores TDP (PL1)
Core i9-13980HX Intel 10 / Raptor Lake RPL-HX 24 (8+16) open 5.6GHz 32EU 55W
Core i9-13900HX Intel 10 / Raptor Lake RPL-HX 24 (8+16) 3.9GHz 5.4GHz 32EU 55W
Core i7-13700HX Intel 10 / Raptor Lake RPL-HX 16 (8+8) 3.7GHz 5.0GHz 32EU 55W
Core i5-13650HX Intel 10 / Raptor Lake RPL-HX 14 (6+8) 3.6GHz 4.9GHz 32EU 55W
Core i5-13500HX Intel 10 / Raptor Lake RPL-HX 14 (6+8) 3.5GHz 4.7GHz 32EU 55W
Core i3-13450HX Intel 10 / Raptor Lake RPL-HX 10 (6+4) 3.4GHz 4.6GHz 32EU 55W
Core i9-13900HK Intel 10 / Raptor Lake RPL-H 14 (6+8) open 5.4GHz 96 EUs 45W
Core i7-13700H Intel 10 / Raptor Lake RPL-H 14 (6+8) open 5.0GHz 96 EUs 45W
Core i7-13620H Intel 10 / Raptor Lake RPL-H 10 (6+4) open 4.9GHz open 45W
Core i5-13500H Intel 10 / Raptor Lake RPL-H 10 (6+4) open 4.7GHz open 45W
Core i5-13420H Intel 10 / Raptor Lake RPL-H 8 (4+4) open 4.6GHz open 45W
Core i7-1370P Intel 10 / Raptor Lake RPL-P 14/20 1.9GHz 5.0GHz open 28W

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