In 2022, it’s still baffling that Bloodborne isn’t on PC yet

Hey, did you know that Bloodborne is still exclusive to PlayStation? Of course you do – the internet will never let you forget. Sony recently deleted a Bloodborne-related tweet after a legion of fans followed it in the vain hope that an announcement was in the works. In fact, it doesn’t take much for the game to be trending on popular social media sites like Twitter in 2015. Even a well-aimed tweet from a well-known figure in the Souls community is liked Lance McDonald can stir up the wasps’ nest.

But while the constant whirl of fan fervor can be annoying at times, it’s ultimately based on one fundamentally solid fact: Bloodborne is one of the few modern classics limited by aging hardware. Regardless of where you fall on the console-PC divide, the fact that the version of Bloodborne you can play on your shiny new PS5 is still locked at 1080p/30fps borders on publisher misconduct. But I’d much rather play it at 144 fps on my shiny gaming PC, and I’m far from the only fan who thinks so.