How to shrink Chromebook

We’ll explain the different methods you can use to zoom in and out on Chromebooks

Updated December 20, 2022 9:11 p.m

How to shrink Chromebook

If you want to know How to shrink Chromebookyou are in the right place Chingu.

The ability to shrink or enlarge the screen is one of several accessibility features and tools included with Chrome OS that make using the operating system a breeze. This guide will walk you through the different ways to zoom out on a Chromebook.

How to shrink Chromebook

There will be different things you want to zoom out, be it the text or a specific page. Here are the different ways to shrink Chromebook in different situations.

Zoom out on a specific page

To quickly restore zoom, click Ctrl and 0. Next, you can zoom out by pressing the minus sign key and “ctrl”. A notification appears in the top right corner of the page as you zoom out, expressing your current zoom level as a percentage.

Shrink everything on the page

To decrease the size, press Ctrl, Shift, and the minus sign. Pressing “0” again will reset the screen to normal.

Turn on the magnifying glass

You can permanently change the size of the content on the screen by changing the display settings in the Settings app.

First, open the Settings app in the app launcher to access the display settings. Then use the search bar to search for “display”. Next, under Display Size, move the slider to the left to make things smaller on the screen, or to the right to enlarge them. When changes are made to the display settings, they cannot be undone even if the user resets their device.

Decreasing the overall screen magnification

Click on “Ctrl”, “Alt” and the brightness key. Keep in mind that this only works if the screen has already been zoomed in.

Zoom out on a touchscreen Chromebook

On a touchscreen Chromebook, you can use two fingers to zoom out, just like you would on a smartphone. Simply slide your fingers inward toward the center of the screen to zoom out.

Using Chrome’s built-in zoom controls

You can change the level in Chrome in the Chrome browser if you want to avoid using keyboard shortcuts to zoom out on your Chromebook.

Just select the ⋮ icon (three vertical dots) to change the zoom level to your liking with the minus key.

Frequently asked questions about zooming out on Chromebooks

How to zoom in on Chromebook?

You can zoom a single window at the same time by pressing Ctrl and Plus (+). To increase the zoom, keep pressing the same key combination.

The first click enlarges the window by 10%; The next few steps increase the zoom by 25, then 50%, and finally 100% until you reach the maximum zoom.

How do I reset the Chromebook zoom level?

A Chromebook’s ability to zoom in and out with a few keystrokes makes it easy to accidentally do so. Resetting the zoom level solves the problem when you notice something on your Chromebook that seems too big or too small.

You can reset the zoom level by clicking “Ctrl + 0”.

This command resets the zoom level for the Chromebook as a whole, not just an individual window.

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