How to get Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Sting is one of the more difficult villagers Disney Dreamlight Valleysince he is not part of a realm or unlocked with a specific biome.

Instead, you must help Donald Duck by finding the missing items from his house. However, this is an ongoing quest You have to wait a while to add Stitch to your village.

To help you unlock Stitch as soon as possible, we have detailed all the current steps how do i get stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley and will update this page as more are added.

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How to get Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Thanks to brave gamer u/hga90 on the DisneyDreamlights subreddit for showing off his system clock, we now know how long it takes to create your favorite hurricane of mischief.

to Get Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley You need to:

  • Find the slimy stocking at Dazzle Beach, talk to Donald Duck, wait five days.
  • Find the chewed sock in the Peaceful Meadow, talk to Goofy and Donald, wait five days.
  • Find the last sock in the Forest of Valor and talk to Merlin.
  • Find Stitch on his ship!

We strongly advise you to do so no time travel by jumping your system clock forward to get Stitch as this can mess up your save when you reset it e.g. B. not spawning resources.

Where to find the first slimy stocking to get Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To start the quest for Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you must Find the slimy stocking on Dazzle Beach. The Slimy Stocking seems to spawn most often on the small island south of the east side of the beach, but we know it can also spawn behind the Pillar of Power.

Go to Dazzle Beach to find the Slimy Stocking to begin the quest for Stitch.

There might be other locations where the stocking spawns, so search around Dazzle Beach if you can’t find it on the island or behind the Pillar of Power.

Also keep in mind that you may need to unlock Donald first before this stocking appears in Dazzle Beach. You can get Donald Duck by unlocking the Forest of Valor and then completing the A House for a Duck quest after rescuing him.

The stocking can appear if you haven’t unlocked it, but You can’t advance any further until you get Donald Ducksince you need to talk to him during the next part of the quest to get Stitch.

You need to unlock Donald Duck to continue the Stitch unlock quest.

If the stocking still doesn’t appear for you at Dazzle Beach, do some of Donald’s personal quests or unlock the Toy Story Realm and complete the quest “A Secret Mission In Uncharted Space” to get Buzz from Toy Story into you invite village.

Once you’ve picked up the slimy stocking, take it to Donald Duck to continue your quest to find Stitch! However, once you help Donald, You have to wait five daysthen the chewed sock will appear in another biome.

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Where to find the second chewed sock to get Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Five days after completing the Mystery of the Stolen Socks quest for Donald Duck, another disgusting piece of laundry will appear in your game.

To continue your quest for Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you must Go to Peaceful Meadow to find the chewed sock. Keep in mind that this only appears five days after completing the first quest related to finding the socks.

The chewed sock spawned for us to the right of the east path to Dazzle Beach, near the pillar. However, if it can spawn anywhere on Peaceful Meadow, keep an eye out for sparkles on the ground.

We found the second sock here, but it might be elsewhere in Peaceful Meadows for you.

Once you find the chewed sock, take it to Goofy and give it to him. Then go to his house and clean up the garbage where you will find the blue fur. Bring the blue fur to Donald Duck to complete the second part of this quest and unlock Stitch.

Clean up Goofy’s house, then bring the blue fur to Donald Duck.

After talking to Donald, this is what you need to do wait another five days for the next sock to spawn in the Forest of Valor biome.

We’ll update this page with more quest steps to unlock Stitch as they’re added, but if you need more help in Disney Dreamlight Valley for now, we have A Secret Mission in Toy Story Realm pages. Uncharted Space’ quest, Scar’s Nature and Nurture quest, how to improve your house and where to find Remy’s recipe books.

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