How to downgrade a PS4: full tutorial by Modded Warfare

Scene YouTuber Modded Warfare has published an impressive tutorial video in which he describes a complete downgrade of his PS4. In the video, YouTube goes from 6.72 to 10.01 and then downgrades from 10.01 to 6.72.

PS4 downgrade. Important Notices and Disclaimer (Seriously, Read First!)

To be perfectly clear, this is nothing new or groundbreaking at this point, and an important point to note is that you can only revert to firmware that you backed up (your own console). In addition, the initial backup is much easier to create when your console is jailbroken, although it can be done on a “normal” console as well.

So in other words If you are running an unhackable firmware (e.g. 10.01 at the time of writing) and are hoping that this will allow you to downgrade your console to a jailbreakable firmware, the answer is no unless you have the preparatory work on performed at a point where your console was jailbreakable.

From my point of view, this means that the guide will most likely be useless for the vast majority of people who usually find it too late. However, it has tremendous value for several reasons. First off, I’m not sure there’s been such a detailed (and well-done!) guide on how to do this before. Second, we keep saying on this blog that downgrading a PS4 “technically possible, but…‘ so now it will be possible to just reference MW’s video to explain why it’s difficult at best and impossible in most cases. As Modded Warfare mentions, it might also have some value for people who are “stuck” on non-jailbreakable firmware but want to upgrade to the latest and greatest so they can play online. These folks can backup their current firmware (hoping that it will eventually be jailbreakable) and then upgrade to the latest firmware. Last but not least, this could actually pave the way to easier downgrade methods at some point, especially if some ambitious modders try to work on modchip solutions that would do without soldering.

Assuming you want to back up your PS4 so you can “easily” upgrade to a newer firmware and come back to a jailbroken console later, here’s my honest advice:

Buy a second PS4 and don’t try to follow this downgrade guide.

Look, I’m not kidding, having two PS4s is probably a much safer idea than trying to downgrade, and if you don’t already have the necessary stuff it might actually be cheaper too. (Give or take, there’s about $200 worth of hardware you need to own/buy to downgrade). This may change in the future if the process gets easier or if there are important reasons to go back and forth (e.g. unbricking) but Currently, downgrading a PS4 is extremely difficult with significant risks of permanently tying up the console, and it’s a technically impressive thing rather than a useful or inexpensive one.

After all, if you’re looking to stick around for the technically intriguing video or for some personal knowledge, you might be the right audience for it. You might at least want to watch the video, if only to hear MW say with a straight face “we’ll take several dumps” or “take a good butt” 🙂

necessary tools

Note that the process is easier if you’re starting out on a jailbroken PS4, and that’s detailed in MW’s video.

Here’s what you need to prepare and run the downgrade. It is recommended to provide all these tools (hardware or software) in advance.

Required Hardware

  1. Your PS4 running the firmware you want to go back to at some point
    • This is important. This is a “restore from backup” downgrade method and will not allow you to downgrade to firmware that you never originally backed up. Using someone else’s backup doesn’t work either!
  2. A hardware flasher like a Teensy 4 (this is required to get SFlash0 from a non-jailbroken console and copy back during the downgrade process. Also required to backup the syscon)
  3. A heat gun (to desolder the syscon chip. This is required to secure it)
  4. A soldering iron
  5. A pair of tweezers
  6. A TQFP board
  7. A 4 KOhm resistor
  8. Some PCB wires
  9. A switching diode
  10. A USB to TTL adapter
  11. A replacement Syscon chip (the model you need to order depends on your motherboard, R5F100LLAFB or R5F100PLA, you can find them on Aliexpress)
    • As far as I know this isn’t required, but it’s recommended so you don’t have to keep flashing these chips
  12. Renesas E2 Lite programmer or other flasher

Required Software

  1. BwE NOR Validator to help you confirm your save files are not corrupt (download here)
  2. an FTP client like Filezilla
  3. HDD Raw Copy (to create a backup of the hard disk)
  4. Drivers for your USB to TTL adapter (e.g. drivers for the CP2102 mentioned above)
  5. MW’s pack file containing the necessary software for the glitching process

What you need to back up to prepare for a PS4 downgrade

Here’s what you need to back up and then restore to downgrade a PS4:

  1. Full backup of the console’s hard drive
  2. PS4 SFlash0 (NOR Firmware)
    • SFlash0 is extremely easy to get from a jailbreak console as it is just a file that you can copy from FTP
  3. PS4 Syscon

As a TL,DR the idea is that you should backup the 3 above data then be able to switch to a higher firmware and then come back. The Modded Warfare video has all the details, of course.

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