Hello everyone! I’m Rocky, Cindy’s life partner and perpetual jerk.

With the help of a few other gamers, I created this GoFundMe for Cindy because she truly deserves a better setup to continue her gaming stream – one of the few things in life that brings her joy. There…

Our Cindy had a burnout and nervous breakdown 5 years ago. She has worked full time since she was 16 to support herself and her loved ones. Her burnout was the result of more than 11 years at a company that took everything from her. Despite quitting the job, she was left with massive anxiety and other mental health issues that sadly continue to this day. But Cindy is resilient and resilient, and over the past few years she’s tried so many ways to keep her feet on the ground.

  • She has therapy
  • traveled to Jakarta/Bali to be with close friends
  • trying to work from home and open an eyelash salon
  • get a new job in a new field
  • started playing and streaming

I got her to play 3 years ago. With a PS4 and a handful of games, we found it helped her. She felt a little lighter at home, didn’t focus too much on work after she finished work, and found a way to have fun again. Two years ago she started playing COD Warzone. And that’s where we all really started to see Cindy come back to us. Since then she has made many new friends who have become our family of choice. She only started streaming this year and it has done wonders for her anxiety and social skills. She watched other streamers and did everything to make her stream the best it could be. Overlays, emotes, whatever. But you can only do as much as your hardware allows.

Their entire setup now consists almost entirely of my old gear or is borrowed from our friendly gamer friends.

  • my old camera
  • my old laptop that can barely handle it
  • old capture card is borrowed
  • old chat link is borrowed
  • Old microphone is on loan
  • Even the monitor is on loan and will have to be returned next month

The only thing Cindy owns is her ring light — a prop from her aforementioned lash salon side business. Hopefully you can now understand why so many of us gamers want to help Cindy, especially me.

Cindy’s streaming is slowly picking up speed. The main thing is to have fun. With nearly 200 followers growing every week, their current setup just isn’t sustainable. Constant limping. sound problems. The list goes on. What used to bring her joy is now filled with technical difficulties and daily annoyances.

I know that building a good PC for gaming AND streaming can be expensive, let alone a whole streaming setup. So at the moment the focus is on a good GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). This graphics card is the most expensive part of the PC and that’s what the €1640 is used for. With your help, we can then build on that. But we would build so much more than a stream setup. For Cindy, we help her to rebuild her life bit by bit. And I couldn’t be more grateful to those who will help her on this journey. Also, the fact that you’ve read this far, thanks for taking the time.

Follow her or subscribe for those who can’t contribute but want to help!

Much love,

Rocky and her loved ones

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