Guerrilla says a Horizon PS5 multiplayer game is in the works

The concept art for Horizon Forbidden West features Aloy fighting robots on her way to San Francisco.

picture: Guerrilla Games / Sony

during a horizon Multiplayer play seemed far from inevitable, and Guerrilla Games finally made the news official with a new job posting on Friday. The Sony studio behind it Open world RPG series wants to bring post-apocalyptic robot combat online with an upcoming project featuring new characters and a different art style.

“A new internal team is developing a separate online project horizon‘s Universe”, Guerrilla Games wrote on Twitter. “With a new cast of characters and a unique stylized look, friends can explore the majestic wilderness of horizon together.” So don’t expect to team up with ALoy and her other friends this time.

Job openings for the new game include character, quest, and combat designers, as well as “stylized” world artists and character animators. From the descriptions it sounds like it sounds like what you would expect from the creators of Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West, but with a multiplayer twist. The references to a new artistic direction, meanwhile, might suggest different visual compromises than a studio traditionally at the forefront of visual fidelity to accommodate new cooperative gameplay.

Guerrilla also makes it clear that it is still working on a new single-player edition in the horizon series, in addition to the PSVR2 spin-off, horizon call of the mountainand Forbidden West additional content, Burning Shoresthe latter two both appearing in early 2023. There are also vacancies for an external project, although it’s not exactly clear what that is.

rumors about a horizon Multiplayer projects have been floating around for a while, including a report from a horizon MMO to which a license is granted Guild Wars Publisher NCsoft. The multiplayer push comes as other major Sony first-party franchises have made the leap to the web, including Spirit of Tsushima‘s Co-op raid updateand an upcoming one Multiplayer only last of us spin off.

After the $3.6 billion takeover of Bungie, its successful MMO shooter destiny 2 has become one of the gold standards in live service gaming, Sony unveiled plans to release over a Dozen more live service games by 2025. If recent years indicate, not all will succeed and few will reach the level of Apex Legends, Genshin Impact, and other recent breakout hits. With a growing majority of all gaming company’s revenue coming from microtransactions and other “returning player spend,” it’s easy to see why Sony would try.

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