Google’s Black Friday deals are back, including the $299 Pixel 6a deal

Everything but the earplugs is on sale.
Enlarge / Everything but the earplugs is on sale.


Black Friday may have come and gone, but Google’s Black Friday deals are still around. Google re-implemented many of the offers this week, which were the first and/or best discounts we’ve seen for many of Google’s new products. The highlight of the bunch is definitely the Pixel 6a, but you also get good deals on the Pixel 7, Pixel Watch, Chromecasts and Google’s smart speakers.

The Pixel 6a, normally $449, is still available for a whopping $299. Let’s remind you that this comes with a flagship SoC that’s just as fast as the $900 Pixel 7 Pro. The Pixel 6a is a great bargain even at $449 and quite frankly cannibalizes the pricier phones, but Google seems more interested in grabbing as much market share as possible. (Google is apparently not even happy with that, and the Pixel 7a rumors push the phone even further into the high-end line!)

If you really want the more expensive Pixels with their larger, high refresh rate displays and newer cameras, you can still get deals on those too. The 6.3-inch 90Hz Pixel 7, normally $599, is available for $499, and the 6.7-inch 120Hz Pixel 7 Pro is just $749 over the regular Priced at $899. Google’s fine print actually says that all of these Pixel phone deals will be available by Christmas Day.

If you really want to be an early adopter of Google, the Pixel Watch is on sale too. The Wi-Fi (non-LTE) model is available for $299, which is $50 off the regular price. The Pixel Watch is definitely a good start for Google, which has ignored the wearables market for too long. Having criticized it for being too expensive in our review, that paltry $50 discount still doesn’t seem like much given devices like the $250 Apple Watch SE, which is an all-round better product. This isn’t exactly the Pixel Watch you want either. The LTE version is still $399 and doesn’t get a discount. Still, it’s here if you want it.

NextUp; Chromecast! The 4K and HD versions are $10 off each, coming in at $40 and $20, respectively. These are both the new Chromecasts “With Google TV,” which turn them into full-fledged Android devices with an app store, internal storage, and a remote control instead of the dead-simple app streamers they used to be. You can still control them just as easily as you would an old Chromecast, they just have a lot more features now. The problem is that none of the models are really designed to handle the task of running Android and having an app store as they don’t have enough storage space. If you’re trying to use the app’s features, you’ll be constantly tinkering with the 8GB of internal storage, but at least they’re cheap.

Finally: nest stuff! The speakers and smart displays are also discounted. Most of these offerings aren’t available on Amazon, as they’re extremely petty when it comes to bringing competitors to Alexa. The Nest Audio speaker, normally $100, is down to $68, while the smaller Nest Mini, normally $49, is $25. They both play music and have you shout “Hey, Google,” hopefully getting a command to be processed by Google’s speech algorithms. The smart displays add a questionably useful LCD to the mix, with the normally $100 2nd Gen Nest Hub hitting $50 and the Next Hub Max (it’s bigger) going from $229 to $174 dollar rises.

All of these deals are also available at Target, Best Buy, and the Google Store.

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