God of War Ragnarok Players Agree: This Berserker Boss Fight Is “Absolutely Cruel”

God of War Ragnarok reserves its toughest challenges for optional and post-game content, with the 12 undead berserkers found throughout the realms being one of the hardest hurdles to overcome. But instead of the big boss Berserker King, it’s one of the original 12 that drove me and countless other players to the abyss. I speak neither untruths nor exaggerations when I say that Svipdagr the cold and the sisters of Illska can get in the trash can.

Some of the Berserkers can be annoying due to their evasive AI, area attacks, ranged spam, summons, or status effects, but only Svipdagr and her two sisters pack all of those elements and then some into an impressively annoying encounter. I’ve spent hours of my life getting pulverized by these three (on the game’s second hardest difficulty, one notch below hardest because I’m not a maniac) and judging by the state of the God of War and Ragnarok specific subreddits , I’m not alone.

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