Game removes loot boxes, players revolt instead of celebrating

A man wearing a pie hat sits near a removed loot crate logo.

Popular free-to-play mobile game brawl stars does something a little different. In a time when it seems every game is trying to nickel you with more and more stuff to buy, it’s instead removing loot boxes and all random rewards from the game entirely. It’s another sign that loot boxes are likely to become a thing of the past as lawmakers and players push back on random rewards. But that doesn’t mean brawl stars Players are generally happy with their removal.

Released in 2019 for phones and tablets, brawl stars Mixed cute characters with MOBA-like gameplay and some battle royale elements. The end result was a fun top-down competitive action game that I played for weeks. But since I stopped playing, millions have continued to enjoy it: brawl stars made over a billion dollars in profits for Supercell and still has an active player base and community. Now Supercell has removed all loot crates from the game, and the reaction to the change is oddly mixed.

Announced in a Brawl Talk video posted last week, Supercell’s latest update too brawl stars has removed all random rewards from the game. These crates were mainly used to unlock new characters in the game. Since its release three years ago brawl stars has heavily highlighted loot boxes as part of its rewards. But with yesterday’s update, that’s no longer the case.

Supercell / Brawlstars

“No more probabilities, no more random rewards, and no more guesswork when unlocking Brawlers,” said the game’s lead designer, Frank Keienburg, in Supercell’s Brawl Talk video.

Yesterday, as part of this update, all unclaimed crates were automatically opened and all rewards were given to players accordingly. Going forward, Keienburg and Supercell say all rewards – including Battle Passes – will be replaced with “other, deterministic rewards, some of which are new to the game.” Now players have a new Battle Pass-like feature, Starr Street, allowing them to grind all characters for free. Players can now just buy any brawler with gems instead of randomly buying dozens of loot boxes to maybe get a specific hero.

“We’re making this change for a number of reasons,” Keienburg continued. “Mostly away from probabilities and coincidences, which makes things fairer and more predictable to you. It also gives you clear and exciting goals every time you play the game.”

Of course, there is also the possibility that Supercell and other developers will remove loot boxes different governments around the world Start taking action against them proposed new laws and regulations.

Although I think removing loot boxes is a good thing and something worth celebrating – especially as mobile games continue to be among the worst offenders, even with good games like Marvel snap including robbery purchases from over $100 or more– The reaction from the community is far less positive. While some players seem excited about the removal of random reward boxes, others have expressed disappointment. That Comments on brawl talk Video has players rallying against the developers and sophisticated boxes return to brawl stars.

Why? For some, the excitement of a loot box seems to outweigh the frustration that often accompanies it. Others suggested that they have little interest in playing the game now that random rewards are being removed. (I think some of these people need to stop and think if they really like it brawl stars or just like pulling a virtual lever on a slot machine…) We’ve seen something similar happen surveillance 2‘s release where some players complained about the removal of loot boxes and demanded that they be brought back to the game. And while I agree this progress in surveillance 2 sucks For now, I’d rather Blizzard find a way to fix what doesn’t involve anything Bring back loot boxeseven if it gave you many free ones before.

The reality is that as games become more popular, more and more countries will start studying the industry and how it makes money. And loot crates will probably never be fashionable again as long as that is the case Many governments go on crusades to regulate or outlaw them.

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