Forget the next iPhone, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is next year’s most important launch

You might think that best phone The start of the year occurs in September when Apple announces its latest product iPhone 15. In fact, the premier phone event happens in February, when Samsung sets the hurdle that every new smartphone has to jump or duck under. After we’ve seen them Galaxy S23 Ultra With Samsung Unpacked (assuming we do), the only question left is how Apple, Google and others will try to beat it.

It’s going to be particularly tough this year. We get a good idea of ​​what parts make up a new smartphone long before it hits the market. With most manufacturers buying from the same parts makers, it’s difficult for a phone maker to differentiate itself. Launching a phone at the beginning of the new year is particularly daring.

A better Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 platform

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