Forge Features: December 13, 2022 | gloriole

Welcome to our third edition of Forge Features – our last for 2022 before the holidays!

The community continues to create amazing Forge content that we at 343 are very impressed with. Each week gets all the more exciting knowing we’re about to see some seriously inspired creations, so let’s take a look at some of our latest favourites.


Credits: Pwn Jones, RANMAN10, TheHoodedManZ, microbistic9576
Bookmark: mausoleum

Mausoleum is a map inspired by and taking elements from The Pit halo 3something you can see in the screenshot above and reforges them into something entirely new.

I love the Delta Halo-inspired aesthetic, the edgy simplicity and symmetry, the creative use of decals—all combine to make this map feel like a real, living place and a standout multiplayer map for good old-fashioned Slayer action!

Credits: Anvil Prime 52, Savesme6464, b0b is here
Bookmark: absolution

Absolution has some familiar aspects to a few different cards. You may be thinking of Guardian by halo 3 temporary sanctuary halo 2 to others, and you’ll find that this is also very aesthetically reminiscent of the ancient structures seen on Delta Halo. There’s really something about these weathered stone structures…

This is an awesome 4v4 card supporting Slayer, CTF and King of the Hill. Jump in and try it out with some friends!

Of course, the highlight of these aged and weathered stone structures brings us to a remake of this iconic favorite.

It’s Sandtrap as you know and love it! Well if you want technicallyit’s actually sand tarp – the variant of the map in halo 3 without elephants.

I’ve heard that this version of the map is as faithful to the original as JRGodoy assured just like that A number of grains of sand are present on this revised version. I leave it to you to confirm the accuracy of this statement (which I definitely didn’t just make up).

Credits: Dellsoto
Bookmark: Treason

Betrayal might be one of my favorite maps I’ve seen so far. If you’re a fan of the Forerunner aesthetic of Halo: Combat Evolvedthis mesmerizing mix of other-worldly materials reminiscent of stone and metal, you will have a blast just walking through this incredible interior.

No expense has been spared in paying attention to detail and you can imagine this could have been a real Forerunner area in the campaign.

Trick jumps in gloriole. Are they super cool? You are safe! can i make them Absolutely not…

But if you’re an experienced mover with a penchant for chainslides, curbslides, equipment jumps, and so on, you should definitely check out this move class from Lord Guntaz.

The current record time is obviously Exi’s 5 minutes and 50 seconds, so go see if you can beat them!


Moving on to more community creations, we’ll start with DEWtheMCCOY joining now day 34 to conveniently cover up the things you’ve made.

Of course, it always helps to remember the basics, right? Koma has helpfully put together a Forge tutorial that covers just that and should be useful for people who are just joining us – or those who just want a reminder of the new systems and features of Halo infinity Forge Beta.

And finally, PengiPlays has put together a tutorial on how to script player properties through nodegraphs. Active camouflage, extra shields, infinite ammo, player gravity, headshot protection… all these and more are options at your disposal!

And it will do for this problem. With the Christmas break approaching, we hope you all have some time to rest and dive into Forge to let your creativity run wild.

Forge Features will be back in January and we can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to!

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